Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poetry Jam: Price tag Populus

magnet, Branson, MO

1.6 million will die this year from diarrhea
& this
       is not a political poem---

that stool is too loose to stand on
    or should i say depend(s) on
a fouled well of our own making,
    in letting 'them' dictate to 'us'
what is important
& succumbing to the spew
                                   of rhetoric

who came up with the term acceptable losses
as a justification for our actions & was he willing
to be one?

each one, teach one-bear arms
to defend your self interest & if in the course
of events you must
                             turn a blind eye to the rest
of us--- it is not your responsibility anyway,
                                                            is it?

obviously karma has finally caught up
with the masses for choices made over generations
shame & guilt, assigning blame we've built
fault lines in the foundation of our humanity

this is not a political poem

wait on them for a solution & you'll die
of old age in a broken system (with no social security)
check the record, it's warped
     where the needle rides the groove
     where the rubber meets the road
     where an empty spoon kisses any kids lips
     & attack ads take presidents over the issues
only puts out static

forget the cake, let them EAT MOR CHIKEN
if it keeps their attention

there is no Return On Investment in mouthes to feed,
no need, let nature select & weed
out those too broke to affect corporate profits

acceptable losses,
                 acceptable losses
a term to keep the costs faceless

1.6 million will die from diarrhea
& this is not a political poem
it's about we the people seceding from the bullshit
& realizing the only out---
                                    belongs to us.

written for Poetry Jam, where Mary challenges us to write about what we value.


Mary said...

Things certainly have gotten fouled up somehow, and it definitely is time to get the needle out of the groove it is stuck in and to analyze the rhetoric and call it 'crap' if indeed it is. This is definitely a wake-up poem, Brian. iMHO there has been too much diarrhea of the mouth from those in power rather than workable solutions proposed.

Pat Hatt said...

So I forgo the poo
And now it comes from you? hahahaha
Pretty hard not to though
As they yap in their usual flow
And it is all crap
All across the map
Screwed and Crude indeed
As they treat it like "who cares, it's a done deed"

Pat Hatt said...

Two and Three
Pffft to Mary

Sherry Blue Sky said...

LOVE this poem! "fault lines in the foundation of our humanity". Stellar! Love that the buck stops

Mary said...

LOL, Pat. The early bird catches the worm.
Pfft yourself. You can't make me squirm.

hedgewitch said...

Great twist on the surrealist painting by magritte showing a pipe and reading 'this is not a pipe.' Or maybe this is far from what you had in mind with this indictment of the brainwashers and the propaganda swallowers, and the 'acceptably' lost. Fine work, brian--hope the search for that *other* kind of work is going well, too.

Tabor said...

Such a strong poem. Painfully true. The empty spoon line really grabbed me.

Mama Zen said...

"forget the cake, let them EAT MOR CHIKEN
if it keeps their attention"


rosaria williams said...

Beautiful, Brian, in a non-political way. Truth is only understood when it has a foul smell; and this truth does, for sure.

farmlady said...

My Dad use to call all of this "diarrhea of the mouth". It's time to turn off the media.
"a fouled well of our own making..." (It's true.)
"letting 'them' dictate to 'us'
what is important
& succumbing to the spew
of rhetoric>"
(We can't even think for ourselves.)
Who is "THEY"? Big Brother? The "thought police"?

"fault lines in the foundation" and the big one is coming.
Spread the word, Brian, spread the word.

JANU said...

Yeah...the system everywhere is rotten and smelling foul...strong and valid points here. Well done.

martine said...

Very clever poem, loved the linking of ideas and the mixed metaphors. Liked the bit that goes "in the course of events", which felt like a reference to the Declaration of Independence?
very thought provoking, thanks for sharing

Monkey Man said...

well done, brilliantly said!

Laurie Kolp said...

Well said, Brian. Love the irony, repitition of "this is not a political poem"...

Anders Woje Ellingsen said...

"By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life."

(Proverbs 22:4)

Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

"who came up with the term acceptable losses
as a justification for our actions & was he willing
to be one?

each one, teach one-bear arms
to defend your self interest & if in the course
of events you must
turn a blind eye to the rest
of us--- it is not your responsibility anyway,
is it?"

Hi! Brian...
I really like this poem Of yours...Because it has a steady rhythm as you play[ed] with your [poetic]words or word play...Tks, for sharing the image Of magnet, Branson, MO ... too!
deedee :)

Myrna R. said...

I laughed out loud after reading the first few lines. As I read, I realized no laughing matter this thing of acceptable losses especially if I'm one of them to die of gastric ailments due to their need for more of their own crap.

Sue said...

Yep. The situation stinks, all right.
And we all seem to wallow in it, one way or another.


Claudia said...

where an empty spoon kisses any kids lips...think that is the line that hit me is a shame that there are still kids that starve and wish there was more we could do to change things..but there are things we CAN do..even though it seems small in comparison..

poetryinverse said...

Amazing...I love it...a poem that is "not a political poem"! Revolutionary none the less... Great write! ;)

Daydreamertoo said...

It's time 'we the people' took back the power but sadly, money talks. Money=Power and power usually corrupts, absolute power creates monsters. It has come down to this, that big corporations all over the world decide who they will give aid to, usually who can be exploited in some way or another. Who they don't mind starving because they're not a viable money-making country and so on and so on. The Money people behind the governments dictate everything that governments will or won't do. "We'll get you elected if you do such and such" And the world has is going to hell in a hand basket of so many of those who have who simply don't care anymore about those who don't.
No-one can change it now, unless the ordinary folks ALL get together and organise and say: 'Enough'
Well said Brian.

Tom said...

it's a conundrum all right...great rant

Nessa said...

Yeah, what you said so well. Loses are always acceptable if it's the "others."

happygirl said...

I think the people are beginning to understand it is much more difficult to get out of a war than to get into a war. And, yeah, the Afgans are still shooting at us. This is not a political statement.

manicddaily said...

Yes, pretty awful.

She Writes said...

Oh, but if it IS political than we can choose to do nothing based on whatever excuses we have invented to turn a blind eye on our fellow human beings, or better said, statistics.

Thank you for not making it political.


Gloria said...

Brian you know these things you write make me think lol

Susan said...

OW WOO!!!! This poem is POWERFUL!
How you itemize the "fault lines in the foundation of our humanity"!

And I love the spit of ire in this:
"a fouled well of our own making,
in letting 'them' dictate to 'us'
what is important
& succumbing to the spew
of rhetoric"

Preach on, while I cry along with the rhythm of your details of losses--unacceptable--especially the loss of children.

DJan said...

I think "acceptable losses" and "collateral damage" are phrases that mean nothing to those who say them, who don't think about what they mean. This may not be a political poem, but it makes a political statement.

Goofball said...

sure this is not a political poem?

Steve E said...

I knew a mouse who died of diarrhea and he did not even suffer from the malady. His name was "shit-house-mouse". The door opened, he became frightened, and jumped right through the 'hole' into the potted pile.

Steve DOES NOT approve of this Political ad

Heaven said...

Your words on the broken system is strong Brian ~ Sadly, everyone is just turning a blind eye ~

Dolly@Soulstops said...

powerful...good to read your words again...thank you, Brian :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Sometimes I wonder if it can even be fixed.

Becky Sain said...

Very powerful Brian!
So many thoughts this has swirling in my head.

AmyLK said...

But it's not a political statement. Very well said

MaggieGem said...

Great poem... so glad it isn't political!

Magpie said...

When is this world going to finally spin off into oblivion? All I can do is try to be army (the best I can be) and do what I can in my little corner...but just think...if everyone did.

Daniel said...

A really anti-establishment rant here. I think that you are seeing through the smoke screen with aclarity.

Serena said...

Wow... and this is not a political poem... Seriously? Diarrhea? I keep thinking we should be progressing, we should be evolving, but your line about the karma catching up gives me pause. Once again, you've written a fantastic poem.

Alice Audrey said...

It is too a political poem.

SaraV said...

Brian, as always quite the vivid picture painted (splattered?)
There is much that is broken and you captured it quite well--also a case of the trots is quite the metaphor as well as the fact. Well done!

Annmarie Pipa said...

we are all in this matter what we believe politically

Fred Rutherford said...

Strong use of wordplay and repetition here. Lots of intense reflections here, particularly in the statistic line.

SueAnn Lommler said...

I don't think it has hit most of us that it is up to us. Most are still satisfied with status quo...don't rock the boat...don't change it up... change has to be bad. Sigh

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Damn, Brian, you nailed it. TO. THE. WALL. Another phrase I abhor: "collateral damage," in terms of lives lost, civilian lives. The diarrhea/stool line was great, and "this is not a political poem" is of course the rhetoric the Right uses all the time, as if, in repeating it enough, it will become true. LOVED THIS, but you know what a political animal I am. Still pulling for you on the work front, babe. Amy

Valerie said...

1.6 million will die this year from diarrhea

Speaking as one recently recovered from said complaint........

Verbal diarrhoea is the same the world over, every one of our politicians are afflicted. Disillusioned? Oh yeah!

the walking man said...

Now this piece is a great expression of the second amendment! (yes 2nd)

November will complete a 40 year cycle of me voting at EVERY opportunity, to say I don't follow this, their diarrhea trail would be quite the mistake.

40 years and I have never seen a body politic so hate filled and spiteful as what we have allowed them questing power to turn us to is both astounding and disgusting.

Not even Clinton and the impeachment time was this rhetorically charged and he actually did have sex with that woman!

So what do you do?

1. Let the rich pay for the campaign and do not listen to any political advertising. Give them nothing, not even an ear.

2. Decide what issues are important to you, economy, environment, culture, whatever.

3. Gravitate to whichever party you think will deliver to you the things that are of personal concern to you and research the SHIT OUT OF THEM.

4. They can buy air time on TV and have enough pundits on radio. What they can not buy, but trick you out of, is your vote. Do whatever you have to, to register and get others registered.

5. Vote.

6. Adapt.

lifeisaroadtrip said...

Lots of clever wordplay here, Brian. Sometimes I wish I had a septic tank, but like most people I am on the public sewer system.

Helen said...

'acceptable losses .. a term to keep the costs faceless' ~~ for me, the WOW factor. Great poem, Brian.

Peggy said...

Strong poem here Brian. I think we fool ourselves everyday saying we do not make the life and death choices for people--but indirectly we do by all the actions we choose not to take. Acceptable loses are really not acceptable.

Tara Miller said...

I'd love to hear you read this one sometime! We certainly do live in a broken world but any steps we can take, no matter how small, can help to change this world. We never know what an impact we have on others. Good write, love

Margaret said...

a term to keep the costs faceless

I guess that is how some sleep at night. In the end it IS about how we respond.... Very emotionally strong poem! said...

much to lose sleep over here, Brian.

it's been great seeing you at Poetry Jam so often lately!

Mary Mansfield said...

I think the common sense you show in this poem is very much the antithesis of modern politics. Great job, quite a thought provoking poem!

Willow said...

Powerful poem on the sordid state of affairs in the hands of politicians world wide. Sordid state of affairs when one must compromise their values to get just to get one value passed. Excellent poem that voices the anger and frustration and the diarrhea will kill us all.

ayala said...

Powerful poem with some hard truth. Frustrating how some things never change... and as hard as we believe that we can be the change... we can't speed up the changes the way we desire to.

The Empress said...

There is no acceptable loss. Every person is a human and there are no "they're just orphans" or "they're only the poor."

We are each people, and feel pain, and neglect, and also the sting of being born into the wrong circumstance.

Thanks, B: for this moment to close my eyes and send prayer.

Tina said...

Points well made. Especially since it's not a political poem ;-)

Acceptable collateral damage comes to mind...I so hate politics and our society's bad choices and our people's bad choices of leaders...makes me want to crawl under the covers and watch Independence Day for the 101st time just so I can see them blow up the White House...
Tina @ Life is Good