Saturday, March 17, 2012

Poetics: dreams of gnomes & knaves

Random graffiti found yesterday

♪ down the well i wait for betrayal
the rock to come whizzing back to the bowels
my brothers retreating n' treating the princess
with gropes and kisses
bought on the blood of kin ♪

♪ grimm, grimm, it's not so grimm
this flute i'll play to light the din
to call the elves
& hang your sin ♪

♪ yea, i'll call the elves---
& hang your sin ♪

every voice joins the refrain-ed chorus
to up-raised tankards, then clap loud clunk-
ing to the tables---our fairy tales, now drinking
songs to the turn of the wyrm that rules the kingdom
back turned & turning as it curls round its gold cache

gnomes, gnomes, us all under ground, and m'lady liberty's lain down
after eating the apples o' her father's garden, to sleep eternal---
call the huntsmen,
                    she awaits true love's kiss
to rise once more, all lips & hips
wide & birthing
                  a day still to come

oh, that day will come,

SOunds more braveheart, than prince charming
      doesn't it?
          a man can dream---

of the tales read when he was young
with endings only found in happily e'er after
and once upon a time---
         when all works out in the end

but then again,
      its a choice, this peace
      of mine.

our bed warm, i find
              that space soft between you shoulders
salty, taste the ease of your breath
              and ride heart beats like warhorses
              back deep into the night---

Over at dVerse Poets today, Claudia is dancing dervish-like with the Brothers Grimm and their a' all fairy tales end, happily ever after or....i guess you will have to tune in at 3 pm and see...see you there.

Some allusions within are from The Gnome by the Brothers Grimm and Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault then later as Little Briar Rose the Brothers Grimm. As well, a wyrm is a dragon


Claudia said...

smiles..i're going fairy tale, national and the spirit here...the braveheart spirit for sure is needed to kiss awake a nation that has died eating their own the devotion in this and's a decision we make to fight or let her die..ha...have already pulled out my sword...gonna fight as well...smiles

manicddaily said...

Hi Brian--very cool movement here--from the rock whizzing back to the bowels to the space between the shoulders, such a sweet end. (Maybe sweeter than the Brothers Grim, which seem to me to have a lot of rocks whizzing at the close.) K.

DJan said...

There's a bit of the luck o' the Irish in that poem, Brian. I love it, especially that last image of riding heartbeats like warhorses back into the night... Happy St Paddy's day to ya!

Mary said...

When you think about it, many Fairy Tales are quite scary....but Grimm was definitely a genius to have come up with such delightful ways to scare. And how wonderful to live in a world where good always triumphs over evil!

Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

"♪ down the well i wait for betrayal the rock to come whizzing back to the bowels
my brothers retreating n' treating the princess with gropes and kisses
bought on the blood of kin ♪
♪ grimm, grimm, it's not so grimm "

Hi! Brian...
Everything about your poetic words today is magical and mythical...too!

Starting your poem with [Fairy-tale like]lyrics and your the many "play on" word(s)[Such as: "The Word "Grimm" as in Brothers?![and Of course, going beyond...with your read between the line approach...*wink,* *wink*] and the olde wood craving-like image too!

Tks, for sharing and here's wishing you and your readers, a Happy St.Patty's Day and a nice week-end too!
deedee :-D

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Funny! When i am reading it first, i never cared to understand it because i am putting a melody while reading it silently... Cool!. Love it Sir Brian!..


Grace said...

I like sounds and cadence of your post. Peace of mine is our choice, and so is our journey ~

Sounds like an interesting prompt ~

See you later~

the walking man said...

Ride those heartbeats like warhorses and then throw the lance by refusing to throw the lance and not participate in their little game of war that consists of mine's bigger than yours. Theirs probably is bigger than mine, such claims are foolish anyway but I know theirs is not bigger than my Fathers.

And when we finally inflict the wound, the one that seriously hampers them, not out of cruelty but out of judgment dip them in the salty ocean and then jar them up in vinegary brine. Label them sour thieves and let them sit and watch us bowl and dance in freedom.

I'd be gnome, I have the beard for sure but not the pointy head for that hat! he he he he

CiCi said...

Days like today make me see how many things are turned into one more drinking day.

Your writing sounds like you were partially awake and finding the warmth of the skin you love you calmed and went back to sleep.

Daniel said...

Wow, this was a powerful way to start the day. Just delightful my friend.

Laurie Kolp said...

but then again,
its a choice, this peace
of mine.

love that, Brian... I remember studying not-so-sweet fairy tales in college... this prompt should be interesting

happygirl said...

Fairy tales aren't only for children. Thanks for the tune to the tale this morning of leprechauns and magic.

adan said...

"gropes & kisses" and "ride heart beats like warhorses" -

nice! and i could hear the song in the air as i read it, nice post brian ;-)

happy saint patrick's day!

Gloria said...

Dear Brian I love fairy tales and gnomes (lol)
have a nice day witj the kids xx

Madhulika said...

Loved the sound of your poetry... it was magical :)

Pat Hatt said...

haha oh this one is right up the cat's alley
As you go all fairy tale valley
Unless it is Braveheart
For the being hung part
Isn't very fairy tale like
Either way quite the hike

Steve E said...

WHAT???? I always thought a wyrm was a wyrm! Learn something every day here. BRIAN, you are amazing.

Thanks for your '19' or I--we--would miss a big chunk of JOY, reading you fine work, thought, philosophies!

Days of Grimm are in my past, but the many lessons I'm learning now. No more 'grim' days.

(I'll play my fiddle, and hang your sin!)

rebecca said...

brian thank you for your thoughtful visits among the haiku my heart.
i am honored and will jump off know to take in the fruits of your pen.

LadyFi said...

LOL! I thought you were celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a Guinness or two!

Geraldine said...

A delight read indeed!

May the fairies shower you with gold and the luck of the Irish today!!!

Happy Weekend, G

Geraldine said...

make that "delightful"

I'm still half-asleep LOL

Sue said...

I liked that ride!


ds said...

Love the allusions, the word play, the message(s). You could write your own fairy tales. Lovely and fun. Thank you. said...

Love the wordplay with a sharp point, like the Epee in fencing. Excellent work.

moondustwriter said...

Bri you are on a roll
Happy day to you
cheers with a green beer (or two)

Daydreamertoo said...

I always found the Brothers Grimm tales very dark and grim tales indeed. LOL
Nicely told tale Brian, you take it across the span of eons in one sentence.
As always, fabulous write :)

Natasha Head said...

A favorite new bedtime story ;) Awesome play with the magical prompt Brian...but your awesomeness is a given. Like how we could take a worldly approach with this...bedrooms make me blush (still!)

Daydreamertoo said...

I wrote a 9 part all about Dragon(s) story a year or so ago and was going to pose the 1st part for this prompt but, didn't want anyone to think it was too long. So wrote what I posted today instead. LOL

Anne said...

You've done this well Brian. The lilt and the lyric have a Celtic quality to it.

Fred Rutherford said...

Cool piece Brian, love the topic today, I'm, as most know, am all about Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myth and everything in between. I have to see if I can't come up with something, kinda tough to do so quickly, which only makes the pieces I've read up at D'Verse so far so remarkable. Love how you wove not only fairy tales together, but also used your voice and tone to act as the glue holding it all together. Great job. Thanks

Blue Flute said...

Love this! Turning fairy tales into a sexy rock song...

stu mcp (hate & hope) said...

A dream maybe? A collection of Grimm fairytales stirring in the night? Or a metaphor for personal wishes, dreams of a country that you would so love to rise up and fight for its freedom. Either way- this was a great take on the prompt- still penned in your unique and always engaging form and rhyme. Good work my friend

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Great slant on an interesting prompt. Love to hear you read it.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I read the same tales, Brian, and I'm with you!
Great tale!

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

what a perfectly Grimm tale and completely eloquently written one at that. I do love how this poem has rhythmic tone to it., that I couldn't reading it. Like

darkangelwrites said...

Were you and your brother fighting over a girl Brian? Or perhaps I muffed it.

Heather said...

yes, happily ever after is a this beautiful fairy tale of a poem!

Glenn Buttkus said...

You gave us a hell of a good ride, sir,
from fable to drinking song, from, alehouse
to battlefield, and then back to the heat
from the body electric and the heart
eternal; really enjoyed it!

Vodka Mom said...


oceangirl said...

this is genius Brian.

Rebecca S. said...

Seems appropriate for St. Patrick's Day...all that talk about rising again and revolution and kissing. Except perhaps we'd be talking about potatoes instead of apples :)

Mama Zen said...

I love the layers of this, Brian.

hedgewitch said...

Way cool, bri--fairy tales--drinking songs--hey, it's all good. Nice ref to lady lib as sleeping beauty--but she may be more like Rip Van Winkle before the revolution comes--(I been waiting since '67 man!)Loved it, but most especially, the fine ending, with some tightly written excellent love poetry to close out the whole happily ever after thing.

Anonymous said...

I like your little musical notes. :) A very happy ending, I'd say ... peace of mine, mind, IS a choice. And that's the only happy ending there is. Fantastic message.

Loved "all lips & hips
wide and birthing"


Wander said...

Nice poem Brian! I am pretty sure a Wyrm is a Norse dragon, and a wingless one at that...

Yes you can dream, and I loved your last stanza


Lydia said...

Oh, Brian. This is stupendous. It closed out my St. Pat's night just perfectly.

Jyoti Mishra said...

u weaved an awesome tale..
great prompt !!!

Dave King said...

Brilliant last stanza, it left me on a high. Great piece.

Quaz said...

You always manage to surprise me Brian.
Very cool how you weaved all those different fairytales into your poem.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

And quaffed they ale from skin of wyrm
and danced until the sun did burn

Charles Miller said...

Turning childhood into a fairy tale is very familiar too to me. It seems like a fantasy to me, that childhood along the streambeds and small twon streets. I really enjoyed the songfulness of the beginning, and the way you mix in reality with fantasy.

Patricia said...

Oh my goodness... the music carried me right through the dream to reality... I could hear the clunking and clanking and the softness of the heartbeats...

Becky Sain said...

That random graffiti is amazing!
This was very swoonable in a very non-Grimm fairy tale way. :-)
This is a great story, really.

G-Man said...

As the Three Pigs hunkered down in a brick house, the question was raised...Why didn't they learn to play the Fiddle, and jump over the Moon?

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is stratosphere brilliant. Damn!
I'm kind of last for words, but full of admiration for the way you dropped that like it was hot.

SueAnn said...

What a fun piece...definitely took me down the worm hole!!!

Caroline Gerardo said...

Oh how I wish this had a podcast, and your readers will dance!

lifeisaroadtrip said...

Brian, is there anything you CANNOT do? This has a nice lilting little jingle jangle. Hope you are having a great weekend! I have been lurking but too busy to comment - I have to have my daily Brain Fix, ya know!

Ginny Brannan said...

Nice Brian, I enjoyed this. You have pulled in a little bit of many tales, coming full circle to the reality of feeling the warmth of your true lady lying beside you, renewing you before riding "back into the night".
As I said in mine, "you don't have to be a prince or knight"... just true to yourself and those around you.
Well penned, my friend :-)

She Writes Here Now said...

I liked this very much. I like the way you brought it around at the end. And, of course, I always appreciate the way you play with the words. Your poetry often has a bit of whimsey woven in with that signature of your writing.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This reads like a song, and took me along so delightfully............absolutely lovely to read!!

Cressida de Nova said...

hmmm...but it's a choice this peace of mine,mind,mine...i will think about this line today!

zongrik said...

this really seems like a nice song. did you try to make music for it?

i like how you introduced the gnomes

Hannah said...

then clap loud clunk-
ing to the tables

This whole piece is spectacular, I loved this bit so much and your last stanza is super intimate, in a good way if I'm reading it right. Excellent all the way through. Thanks Brian!

Dick Jones said...

Low on faery whimsy, high on heroic myth. A neat take on the prompt.

myheartslovesongs said...

ah, love this, brian!!! i love the musicality and the epic nature of your reV-o-LUTION! but the ending enchanted me most! brilliant!

Wolfsrosebud said...

a bit of song in your piece

Tara Miller said...

Your fairy tale is quite the reality of the day as well, my love. Temptation and climbing over each other to get to the top is not the path to the happy ending one might think! Love how you wrapped this up ;)

velevetinapurrs said...

nice..enjoyed your poem, & your fun play on words..especially like the close though..'and ride heart beats like warhorses back into the night' brave & romantic..good mix

moonlitpoetic said...

wow!thanks for this rollercoaster of a verse, it was a pleasure to ride and recite!absolutely delightful :)

TALON said...

You didn't even need to add the musical notes to get the effect of great movement and spirited music, Brian. :)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Delightful and powerful.

Syd said...

Reading about the Cuban revolution--those were some serious times. Too bad that they evicted one dictator for another.