Saturday, April 23, 2011

runaway circus

with rapt attention in our
mesmerized eyes, one of
three rings come alive, as
the fire eater takes flame
in his mouth, tongue to
tongue, swallowing &
smiles as it burns down
inside in the pause for effect
as we hold our breath

blows it back onto the torch
as the crowd erupts, cheering
waving glo sticks & hollering

forgotten the fire eater lay
dormant in the silent recesses of
my mind, find-ing his flicker
to fan when i sit to ponder
wishing i too could swallow
this hollow flame, but i blew
it too, only different & perhaps
i should run away, join the circus.

though, i'd fit better with
the clowns, cause these
words are my tears, n' tween
my ears Pagliaci & Smokey
play the tune in the grey matter room
and i can't get that stupid
song to stop, all i hear is

the tears of a clown
da, da, da, bada ba ba ba ba

and now, ina aftermath n'
the ash of a bad patch o life
really it ain't no pass/fail
class, turn the frown upside
down, n'  right side up
the crown, clown don't let it
slip right passed you, fool,
hum the tune.

da, da, da, bada ba ba ba ba
da, da, da, bada ba ba ba ba


hedgewitch said...

brian, this is excellent, and the sword swallower is no less frightening or sad than the clowns, so either ring works, falling off the high wire in the circus of life.

Nikki Rules said...

I love this. To this day I still wish I could run away and join the circus. To this day I wish I could wear the red nose daily. I wouldn't want to swallow fire though, and I rarely wear an upside down frown.

Thanks Brian, I love reading your work! (As usual)

The Retired One said...

A graphic reminder to make at least ONE ring of your life important and to always, always try to turn the frown upside down.

rosaria said...

So much! Rich with pregnant scenes.

David Allen Waters said...

ah running away and joining the circus, every boys dream :)

Craig said...

Oh - so you're a poet - full time - I bow before you - I'm just an amateur who dabbles when inspiration strikes. SO your words in my comment section mean more now - coming from a wordsmith. I'm still nt sure if I belong in any of the rings, maybe the trained poodles :)Thank you Brian. God Bless.

Suz said...

oh boy..fabulous

Sue said...

One of my favorites.


Barbara said...

nostalgic, bittersweet and hopeful all at the same time. wonderful!

annell said...

Oh so well done! When things get difficult, we can "always run away to the circus! Love it Brian.

Betsy said...

Sometimes I want to run away and join the circus. Sometimes I feel like my life already IS the circus. Sigh.

jamiededes said...

Well done. I love the way it moves from smile to serious and ... we all want to run to the circus sometimes. Truth is that's where we live.

Jannie Funster said...

Thank God I don't really know that song. :)

My friend DID run away an join the circus, but she came back and is FINE. Has a nice house and everything.

Claudia said...
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ayala said...

Brian, nice....circus always seemed sad and fascinating !

Pat Hatt said...

One day I will run away
And join the circus with my rhyme play
Pretending I have multiple personalities as I do
Then a visit I'd expect from you
Wait I do that anyway
Almost every single day
But at least I don't have to be a clown
That would make me frown
Really good insight into the circus show
As it can go high or low

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'd run away and join the circus, but I'm terrified of clowns....

Patricia Caspers said...

The gray matter room should be the title of a book, I think. Nice song blending, too.

tracy said...

OMG you are so evil. When I was young the skating rink played "The Tracks of My tears" all the time. Now your ear worm has moved to my ear.

natalee said...

im back from my spring hiatus and i had to catch i have a severe fear of clowns,,, i seriously cry when they r near me ..hubby and kids think im nuts!!!

Daniel said...

Circus folk have always put a fright in me. I don't know why, so the allusion of running away to join the circus is not something that excites me.

Bernie said...

clowns frighten me, (no reason they just do) but a fire eater now I find fascinating, this is just wonderful writing my friend .....:-) Hugs

ladyfi said...

I rarely go to the circus ... I find it too sad.

Anya said...

Happy Easter to all from
Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<
Anya :)



Corinna said...

loved it...swallow that hollow flame and feel the burn

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Brian,

Lovely poem beautifully written.

I was attracted by the words - THE TEARS OF THE CLOWN.

Who is going to believe a clown even if he really cries in a circus on account of a personal grief. People will laugh at him. Once a saw a movie in which a clown cries because his mother had passed away. People laugh at him and give a thunderous applause.

Wish you and your family a wonderful Easter,

Valerie said...

Excellent piece of work again. I have this thing about fire so give me the clowns any time.

TechnoBabe said...

Great play on words here. At first I was excited about a circus, then moved to seeing the tracks of tears. You really have an extraordinary talent with weaving stories and maneuvering words. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

Nessa said...

I always found circuses sad - all of that forced fun and gaiety - and your piece makes me think of that.

Oh, by the way, thanks for putting the song in my head. :)

Lorraine said...

Let the show go on, excellent,Brian you are phenomenal

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Brian...
Thanks, for sharing a very descriptive vision Of the circus...the thought(s) Of a Clown and the action(s) Of a Flame swallower.
Even though in the "recesses" Of my mind I feel that your poem is much "deeper" than the circus performers.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

the walking man said...

Life be's that way. sometimes you eat the fire other times you be's the clown. Most days though I just clean up after the elephants.

♥ Braja said...

Hey :)
I loved your one inch tall, too :)
This was timely; saw Cirque du Soleil the other night...!

Evelyn said...

"play the tune in the grey matter room"
amazing line...

happygirl said...

Thanks for the trip to the Big Top. I can smell the popcorn and elephants. I hear the calliope and I'm smiling.

Sh@s said...

Beautiful. It reminded me of my childhood when I used to think that their life used to be so colourful and exciting. Its only now, I can understand that it isn't as rosy as I had thought it to be.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

melodious circus of thoughts

TALON said...

Mesmerizing, Brian! That song is now running through my head - I can hear Smokey clearly. I wonder how much sadness is hidden behind the clown face.

I hope you and your family are having a beautiful Easter.

slommler said...

The movie..."Water for Elephants" go see it. The circus is the backdrop..the stage if you will!
And the clowns smile and the ring leader leers at the crowd and we all eat cotton candy and popcorn. Bring in the clowns!!
Now I have that song stuck in my head!

Magpie said...

Is the circus the joyful place we see on the surface or the sad place we've painted it beneath? Were we all threatened by the happiness so we had to taint and debunk the smiles? I hope you've righted your crown.

Syd said...

I did not like the clowns in the circus. In fact, I don't think that I really liked the circus at all.

Goofball said...

now I'm off to bed with that song in my head

da, da, da, bada ba ba ba ba

tera said...

Catching up on my blog reading. I like this one a lot. Watch out for the sword swallower.

Liza Ursu said...

I used to want to run away with the circus, or the fairs when they came through town, until I found out how they treated their acts.
No need anyhow, just look at this place!
Fantastic piece that offers MUCH food for thought. Thanks for that.