Monday, September 21, 2009


twining swirls,
surround me, your
flower petals
brush my face
and i am lost
in you
as you press
into me, and
earth expands
to just us

handing you,
my pulsing heart
to crush
with each caress,
an ocean's sigh, as
your waves break
against my
sandy shores,
taking pieces
out to

that is writing
to me.

and for you
to read,
such sweet

Each time I publish, a small piece of my heart is laid bare before you. Then I wait anxiously for your interpretation of my intentions. Feels a whole lot like passing a note in school, waiting to see which box is checked. Maybe its just me. I can be kinda goofy like that.

Thanks to all those who read.


Cabo said...

Thank God for Tara otherwise I'd wonder about your preference... I'm kidding. Beautiful.

I love you. ;)


The Things We Carried said...

Each time I publish, a small piece of my heart is laid bare before you. Then I wait anxiously for your interpretation of my intentions. Feels a whole lot like passing a note in school, waiting to see which box is checked. Maybe its just me. I can be kinda goofy like that.

I have never seen this sentiment better stated, and I totally relate.

Vodka Mom said...

we swirl
we glide

we share
we smile
we laugh
we cry

aren't we all in this


you are the man.

Brian Miller said...

cabo, you are beautiful, but only because you are my cousin. it runs in the family obviously. lol.

the things we carried, says the lady who wrote the most amazing post on doubt today. smiles.

vodkas in the house! yes we are. and ty of course.

rxBambi said...

I've seen your name around the blogosphere (otin for sure, maybe willow also?) and thought I'd check you out. Very good stuff here... I'm so glad I came by.

otin said...

Each time I publish I say, "Oh crap! I need to fix that!" LOL! I usually spend 10 minutes correcting mistakes.

In all seriousness, I don't bear myself as much as you do. I tend to play roles a bit more and not let my true self always show through. I think that I am a bit reserved that way!

dizzblnd said...

This was a beautiful poem. Very heartfelt
I don't think you are goofy at all. We all feel that way when we post.

I found you via Otin! Now I see what the spoofing was all about. He is one of my favorite bloggers, I will try to follow you more often too.

Ronda Laveen said...

"...taking pieces out to see" Simply perfect!!!!

Daniel said...

Ditto for me. You are also responsible for getting me excited and started on my own blog. You have been so faithful stopping by each day to check in, leave a thought or two, and to say hi. I thank you for lifting me up on occasion when there was nobody else. Your writing brings out different colors of thought and emotion in me, and that too is a blessing. Peace.

liza said...

Thank you for writing such beautiful things and laying out your heart for all to read every time you publish.

I'm with OTIN, every time I publish I have to edit ten times. Smiles.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

It is such an intimate act - to disclose, lay bare, reach out, offer . . . and the feedback is not immediate - so we wait - feel vulnerable - wonder - hope - quake . . .

I truly felt I was reading (and intruding on) a love poem to your partner - and when I realized it was to and for your readers (including me!), I melted.

Beautiful post.

An Open Heart said...

Again, you amaze...thank you for your courage to show your heart!


Ocean Girl said...

I thought this was the Otin spoof, but no, you have spoofed everyone. How totally true and you have written for us all. Thank you.

Erika Jean said...


chubskulit said...

aw what a sweet intimate letter, love it, so poetic!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Goofy in a good way.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You blow me away-- Every. Single. Time.


gaelikaa said...

Intriguing. With layers of hidden meaning, some obvious, some not so obvious. Thank you for sharing!

Goofball said...

Oh gosh what an intimate post full of expectation and vulnerability.

Now I feel our responses can never meet your expectations. I hope we don't disappoint...but we surely keep coming back to read! And to get touched by your words.

Valerie said...

I am in love with your words. It is Tuesday morning, I stopped to read a few blogs beforfe heading out to the office .... your's has set the mood for the day. Thank you. Hmmm... about that book ....

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I enjoyed this poem very much, too. Writing is a very personal act. Sharing it is an enormous gesture. I like the image of the world expanding to just two. That's dead on. Thanks for this.

Protege said...

I really can not write poetry, but admire anyone that can.
I think it is because I am too direct in my writing. Poetry leaves room for a variety of interpretations, and can contain hidden meanings, disguised by words, and be perceived differently by readers.
Such as this lovely piece.

only a movie said...

You are a Writer. And I love that you acknowledge that the Reader is part of the process.

Great post, Brian.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Yes, 'my heart is laid bare', but what do we really know? Seems the more we let go the unfathomable shines through. Beautiful piece. -J

♥ Braja said...

I'm with Mere....I've never felt such joy in an expression as the "note in school" paragraph..loved it :)
And await those notes...

Wings said...

Very true. I feel the same way. Sometimes it is hard to let it out there, for fear of ... whatever. Gotta risk it though.

Betsy said...

Laying your soul bare...and your beautiful way with words...finds me paging down my blogroll each morning to click on you first! :)

Tom said...

good do you do it every day!?

Lola said...

I can so relate to that Brian. Beautifully penned, as usual. That bare chunk of your heart is a joy to read.

Thank you for writing.

Lola xx

Honey Mommy said...

I know just what you mean! Hopefully your readers are as kind to you as mine have been to me.

IB said...

What a relief to know I'm not the only one passing notes and waiting to see which box is checked.

Great poem.


Kate Hanley said...

It's quite obvious from the comments how much joy your blog brings everyone and I heartily include myself in it as well. Love the image of passing a note in school - perfect.

Mitr - Friend said...

//Married to the most amazing woman// - I know it man.. A great bondage it is...
My Travelogue

TechnoBabe said...

It's odd that you are thanking readers when we are thanking you for your writing and sharing your emotions in your posts. You are so right about some of the writing, sharing with others, taking a chance, putting it out there, awaiting the praise or the destruction.

Meeko Fabulous said...

This one hit home. It struck me as someone who is in love with someone, but he is more in love with her than she is with he (does that make sense?). He's just waiting for her to break his heart. It was a lovely piece.

darsden said...

Absolutely love your writing and this is why I come back. This is so reveling and so true to life just beautiful the way you speak it.

Skip Simpson said...

I truly enjoy visiting your site, and I always look forward to your writings! Beautiful, as always!

otin said...

Brian, I didn't really eat spam, it was a computer joke that everyone took seriously! hahaha! The joke was on me I guess.

The Retired One said...

I feel like that about my photography and when I write, too.
But if we don't bare our souls for others to examine, we live in a lonely vacuum. And the thrill of success is never experienced.
Don't worry either, because from what I have seen of your soul, it is beautiful. Always.

Hit 40 said...

Very lovely! I don't lose a piece of my heart. I do lose my worries when I blog. And... I giggle a lot out loud which chills me at night before bed. Better than tv!!

blueviolet said...

It can be pretty terrifying to lay oneself out there like that. Know that you are one blogger who is deeply appreciated for what you write.

Jill said...

I enjoy it!

Susie said...