Monday, July 6, 2009

time too...

Soft waking music wafted on the breeze down the hall to the living room. Warm coffee begged one more sip, before taking its place next to my book on the table. Creeping quietly to their room, my shadow drives Cole back onto his bed, feigning sleep with a smile. Arms push out of the cocoon of warm fuzzy covers, as Logan stretches the sleep out of his chest with a bellow.

What time is it?


Where's mom?

The grocery. She'll be back soon.

Tackled from behind, Cole pushes me into the warm crevice created by his brothers waking. We lounge in hugs, watching a deer cross the yard, wet with morning dew. A new day has come, being chased by the sun across the sky.

If I stretch, I am almost as tall as you.

Well, I reach up to here.

Hands reach for shoulders, showing their age. How quickly they grow, wanting to be as big as daddy, still looming large in their eyes. At what age does that stop, having passed into adulthood, looking down the hill of the roller coaster to tomorrow.

Days slip through our fingers in those brief moments, childhood giving way to rebellious adolescents. Before you wipe the sleep from your eyes, you walk down the aisle to a new family. A blink and you are cuddling a baby in your arms, tracing lines with your finger through pudgy cheeks. Lines on the door jam, mark their march through the ages.

For now I think I understand why the days are evil. Maliciously they slide ever more into oblivion, faster and faster the sands pile up at the base of the hourglass. All the more reason to careful how we live, making the most of every opportunity.

Let's go it's time to play, time to live...


Wings said...

Wow, Brian. You said exactly what I have been thinking. Times just flies, faster and faster.

Cherish these years, they are gone too soon.

Nancy said...

Beautiful writing, and so very true.

lakeviewer said...

"Time to live". This is so smart of you to capture the very moment when the thought strikes.

The Retired One said...

This post really touched me. To the point of sentimental tears.
My kids are now grown and on their own.
One made me a grandma by gifting me with two adorable grandkids...who I now see growing up way too fast as well....
Time is indeed precious!

Megan said...


Mitr - Friend said...

Wow... What an expression...!!! Just speaks out your feelings of time and being a dad... Nice one... :)

John said...

I came across your blog by accident.I really enjoy reading it.I added myself as a follower.I plan to back and read your older post.Well written.Stop by and add youeslef to mine.I Live in Calfornia.So mimes a bit diffferent then yours LOL. Would love to hear comments from you.time to time.Enjoy your Family time and many more stories to come.

Leah said...

Yes. Just yes.

And I've had the pleasure of going back and catching myself up with your last few posts--loved reading about what makes you awesome, and the "coffee dates." That's a very very good idea. I might try it with Hedgehog.

Daniel said...

Makes me very sad to see parents who have no contact with their children or have negative feelings for each other. it never seems to start out this way. Instead of working and growing together through the years, sometimes, something sinister can happen that breaks those bonds. Somewhere, at some point, our love and hugs and attention, which they covet as little ones, can be overwhelming, stifling, and embarrassing. I pray that I can figure out the line and adjust.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful Brian, you brought it all back, my soon to be 22 year old son is 4 again...gosh that was a treasure

Rob said...

Good stuff.

Liza said...

and you've earned another one! Tag you're it.

Candie Bracci said...

Ah,I know!Time flies so quickly!My son is growing fast too!
Beautiful post Brian as usual,wishing you a great day in family,enjoy every moments!

imac said...

Time goes faster the older we get - belive
Most interesting blog.

Many thanks for your visit and kind comments.

Brian Miller said...

@wings - much too fast...

@nancy - ty..

@lakeviewer - too much time spent not living...

@retired one - congrats on the grandkids..sure there is plenty of spoiling in store.

@megan - you said it all in one word. smiles.

@mitr - thanks for dropping by again. yeah, i love being a dad.

@john - dropped by. glad you found me.

@leah - they grow up much to fast as i am sure you know. hug your little one!

@daniel - while they may plead embarassment, you know they love it. keep hugging and loving. one day they will need it!

@lorraine - not too old to still be your boy! happy day!

@rob - thanks for dropping by man. better start reading though to catch up with your wife.

@liza - thanks for hte award! getting my boots on!

@candi - wishing well back at you! enjoy time with your son today!

@imac - congrats again on POTD! hope you have a great day!

Verily I go. said...

Hey Brian, love reading you all the time. Watched sandy boys all weekend. Thought of your family and all the love.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

C just passed D in height during this past year. It was quite a rite of passage. He still lays his head on my shoulder, for comfort, though, even though he's almost a foot taller than I.

Gorgeous piece.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is just plain beautiful. It put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing. You are a gifted writer.

Vince Farrell said...

You should have a book out soon!!! Great writting!

Yes, I even scared myself with no hands on the wheel!! lol
Loved getting to connect with Brad, such an awesome opportunity!

Millennium Housewife said...

Gorgeous, I shall have to work on being less glib....MH

Brian Miller said...

@verily - thanks for the thoughts. sure you had fun!

@jen - oh, scary when they get bigger, don't hink we ever get too old to put a head on momma's shoulder. ty.

@joanna - ty. glad to give smiles. thanks for giving them back.

@vince - thanks for the encouragement. stay safe. maybe i'll make it to your neck of the woods one of these days.

@millenium - lol. hope you have a great day!

Marianna said...

Such a wonderful image you're describing there Brian. I can almost picture you and your sons in that moment!

So true...make the most of every day. Not as if it was your last one but as if you're a child, filled with the joy of discovery and joy. Not knowing what tomorrow may bring, living the moment :)

Have a great day

Ronda Laveen said...

Carpe diem. Carpe squeeze 'em.

Mrsupole said...

God bless.