Monday, June 8, 2009


Having the right archnemesis seems to make or break the hero, or at least bring meaning to wearing this lemon lime spandex. Without the Joker who would Batman be? What am I saying, he has garnered a pantheon of wonderful villians. If you were relegated to fighting Calendar Boy with his inate holiday crime sprees, how would you feel? Almost driving you to create more holidays just to get some action, spending hours in the serpentine line at the employment office hoping to pull someone with a little more charisma.

Mine left his skin on my doorstep today. Opening the door, it rather shocked me, his brash retort at lacing his sanctum with moth balls, hoping he would relocate. Crisp and scaley, a three foot reminder that our snake is still there. Was he watching, smiling as we disposed of his calling card, laughing at his torment. Fist raised to the heavens, my anguish squeezed out, "You will rue the day! This is your last hiss!"

Have you ever met someone defined by their villians? When they talk about their weekend it is more about what went wrong and less about the good things? If you listed out all that you knew about them, it would be bereft of who they actually are and spilling over with what has happened to them. One episode after another in all the torrid detail, your left wondering how it ever made it to syndication. What they stand for is bound and gagged, held ransom by what they are against. Hopeless they swing from rooftop to rooftop, looking for infinite crisis to help them feel alive, because peace brings closer their final issue.

Sometimes we need little reminders that there is more to life than the next big battle. Anxiously waiting, we miss what happens in the days between stories. Or maybe thats just me. What is it that defines, brings meaning, to your life?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could get past "lemon lime spandex" but I just can't...

Seriously, very true though. Very true.



Mrsupole said...

Yes, I agree, the "lemon lime spandex" threw me for a while. I had to read that line about four times, before I moved on to "the hiss". I thought the snake was 4 feet long, at least, by now. But 3 feet is still scarey.

But as to what is said or written by everyone, doesn't this fall into the half full or half empty attitude in people. Although I like to think that most people are writing about good things in their stories at least half the time. So do I have a half full or a half empty attitude. Maybe half the time I have a half full attitude and then the other half of the time I have a half empty attitude.

I hope this makes any sense. I mostly like to read things that make me laugh, I really enjoy laughing a lot. Laughing makes me happy. Okay back up to see your question, since I maybe got totally off target here.

What brings meaning to my life? Well maybe what I wrote above does apply somewhat, but love brings meaning to my life. Love for me and love given by me, love freely given and freely taken.

Okay, I better go, this is why it is taking me so long to catch up. I think too long and write too much.

God bless.

The Things We Carried said...

Have you ever met someone defined by their villians? When they talk about their weekend it is more about what went wrong and less about the good things?

Powerful words. so many people wallow in the negative and lose the joy that came along the way.

Daniel said...

O.K., you got me. I have become over the last few years, well, a drama queen. As you surmise, I am defined by my villains and their negativity. What's an old super hero to do?

Brian Miller said...

@df - thats just because you wanted that color...

@mrsu - he is 4 foot, but the skin seems to have shriveled a bit. oh trust me its a bit intimidating. : ) ah, love your comments as they make me think as well. i wonder is it attitude or what is behind it? is it something they were born with or...

@things carried - ty. i do at times...i admit.

@daniel - shh... don't give away your superhero identity to everyone "drama queen" what do old superheros do...intriguing question.

Rob said...

We have a snake too. It's not a lot of fun walking out the front door and seeing him. My wife is scared to leave the house.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Brian:)


Your post is full of profound wisdom and beautifully expressed.

There are many things which give meaning to my life. Laughter, friendship, love, lovely scenery, kindness and always hope for a better future on this earth and be with the Heavenly Father in the next.

Have a lovely day Brian:)

Brian Miller said...

@rob - i'll let you know how my further adventures and the mosh ball deterent go in case you need it.

@joseph - thanks for dropping by. enjoyed your oceans post yesterday. i find a lot of meaning in waking up everyday surrounded by the ones i love...both here and above. And helping grow more of that here in this world.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Great post and so true. There are days (like today), that I complain; however I'm reminded that tomorrow is a new day and things could be a lot worse than what they are.

VE said...

Ice cream. The answer is ice cream.

Valerie said...

I wish I could copy and paste your post and hold it up at the office for the moaners and grumblers to see. Good messages there, Brian.

Lola said...

Ciao from a professional complainer. If I were a Batman villain, I'd be The Whiner.

Here is my lament: I've been busy with work, I've not blogged in a while. I've been lazy and I've gained too much weight. I've not been around to visit, maybe that's why.

But now, I've ODd on chocolate, and suddenly I see the world through pink sunglasses.

Ciao my friend, I've missed you.

Baino said...

It's a hard line Brian. I'm usually glass half full but I slip into moments of negativity until someone hoiks me out and cheers me up! Although I'm trying to identify opportunities rather than let the villains win. And just as I typed that, I've had a call for an interview so the glass is filling up again!
What sort of snake is it? Poisonous?

Brian Miller said...

@baino - yay! look forward to hearing how that call goes! don't think it is poisonous, but it is a biter. originally thought it was a black snake, but think it is a racer. it is so fast!

@Lola - gald you stopped back by. had wondered where you were and missed your comments. Look forward to seeing you around again soon friend.

@valerie - that would increase the propensity for hateful comments on my i wonder would they get the message?

@VE - with hot fudge!

@travel - mmm...good words there!