Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 and 2

Please join us. If you would like coffee there is some at the bar. Coffee is essential to a good conversation. My friends Subtorp and Otin have a few questions for me. Let’s see what Subtorp has in mind…

  1. If you could be an animal( amphibian, mammal{including marsupial}, reptile ), which would you choose and why?

Why did you have to start with a tough one? So many animals to choose from. Probably a squirrel. Have you ever seen them playing in the park…so much fun! I’d be climbing trees all day…can you pass the peanuts please.
  1. You've just been cut off in traffic by an idiot on a cell phone. What do you do( as opposed to what you feel like doing)?

Probably biting my tongue and shaking my head. Remember I have two boys in the car who mimic what dad does. T keeps me pretty well in line, as well.
  1. What are the four top things you would want to plant in your garden?

I’m going to go a little bigger than your typical back yard garden. When we lived in Florida and now in Virginia we have fruit trees, which are essential for me. So the first two are a grape vine and lime tree. Our arbor is pretty loaded right now with grapes we’ll be enjoying soon. There is just something about being able to walk out your door and eat from a tree. Maybe that’s the squirrel coming out in me? I like the heat as well, so there has to be hot peppers. And sweet corn.
  1. What is your favorite musical band? I’ll give you two for the price of one…U2 would be the quintessential pick, Bono’s lyrical poetry fuses well with the music. I enjoy it and it makes me philosophical all at once. Another that has stuck with me over the years is Pearl Jam. I remember driving down the road in high school with my buddy Charlie and popping the tape into the deck…was an instant fan.
  1. Would you want to become immortal (why or why not)? Gee Subby, that is a tough one. As a young man, I would have instantly said yes, enamored with the whole immortality, all powerful Lestat from Anne Rice’s books and what not. Much like what you see today with Twilight. It appeals to our adolescent angst. As I have matured, it loses its edge. Imagine watching all those you love grow old and die, or if you had a way to pass it on, imagine spending “forever” with a wrong choice. Ouch. Maybe you could out live your mistakes. For me there is comfort in the finite, as with the infinite.

Thanks Subtorp, great questions. If you ever run into an immortal squirrel singing mysterious ways while spitting grape seeds at your window, you’ll know I have come for payback for when you cut me off on the roads. (smiles.) Need to refill my coffee real quick and I’ll be right with you Otin

  1. Do you have a favorite author?
yes, several. N. T. Wright for his theological perspective. Colson Whitehead has captured my attention recently with his vivid descriptors. James Paterson for the way he keeps his stories going with such short chapters. I read a ton, so it’s hard to narrow them down.
  1. Do you feel that it is ok to spank a child with your hand, if he or she is being unruly?
Trust me, I am not avoiding this, just opinionated. When it comes to discipline, the first line of defense is having firm and clear expectations with predetermined acceptable consequences. This way there is not surprises. I think playing with your kids and conversing with them when there is nothing wrong goes a long way as well to handling the tough times. Yes I would spank, but would not use the hand.  (Thanks Otin, gonna get some hate mail on this one)
  1. Where is one place that you would love to go, but probably will never get the opportunity?
Africa – I would love to go…the beauty, but also to help the people. My heart hears their song and weeps. Maybe one day…
  1. Do you believe that there is other life in the universe?
I believe there is the possibility. You know they just found evidence there was a lake on Mars. My theory is they over commercialized, the lake was made into a resort community that only the affluent could afford, which ultimately resulted in a bloody civil war, thus the red dust and all…I read way too much science fiction as a kid.
  1. Which US President intrigues you the most?
Jefferson, always has. History remembers his in so many differing ways. You have the pioneer of liberty, founding father forging the way. Managing foreign wars. He was the scholar, who became controversial with his love of a slave. His adventurous heart led to Lewis & Clark cutting a swath across country.

Thanks for the fun (and getting me in trouble) Otin. Great questions. Just drop your coffee cups in the sink on the way out. Or stay a while and have another cup, and let the conversation continue…


otin said...

Great answers! I love the whole question thing when one person basically gets interviewed, it would make for a great blog! I wish I had the time to do it!! One of you should run with it!

otin said...

A squirrel??? LOL! every time there is a squirrel in the road, they always scamper out of the way and then at the last minute dart back toward your car tire! I hope you are a smart squirrel! Have a good night!

Kate Hanley said...

Great answers. Right now the President that most intrigues me is Jackson, the first populist President but it changes all the time. I'm not so sure about the squirrel but I definitely agree with U2.

Wings said...

Great answers to some great questions! You're an interesting dude, Brian! Love your answer to immoratality.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The squirrel cracked me up because we have one in our yard that eats all my camellias.
LOVE the interview format! More please.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Great answers and you won't get blasted from this parent! Kids, believe it or not, like a firm boundary with definition as to what is expected. In all the years of mine growing up, it took once and the lesson was learned!
Squirrel eating fruit singing U2 that's a life!

Daniel said...

O.K., this was fun reading indeed. What a card! I'll deal with you later.

California Girl said...

the questions are good. your answers are better. really interesting and a good look into your life.

Poetikat said...

If you become a squirrel, head over to my house because my squirrels are treated really well. I've been known to make them peanut-butter sandwiches, that's why I always have a full house and repeat customers.

These were really interesting. (I love U2, by the way.)


Verily I go. said...

Not by your hand Brian is truest and profound and brilliant. I love the trouble you get into. Do not discount Africa for you, I see it and it's fun to know you are a squirrel.

Lola said...

It's great to get to know so much about you through this very fun squirrel interview.
Good questions and brilliant answers.

Lola xx

Candie Bracci said...

This was really cool!I enjoyed it!Great answers squirrel!:)

subtorp77 said...

Brian, fantastic interview! Would love to see your garden ( a friend of mine has quite a few of her own fruit trees, but no vines ). And a squirrel? Interesting choice. Fine answers, all round. Are you thinkin', what I'm thinkin', about what Otin was thinkin'?

Lorraine said...

Gosh that coffee was good, love your answers, I can only say that one, I'd be a cat, 2 we're immortal already I think the basis has been covered, oh well except for coffee...ok it wasn't a question but are talking about the essentials right?
and when a child gets into a full furious little tantrum, a quick little (non-hurting) slap on the bottom, stops him her and they settle down, and veryhappily too, it's hard to throw a huge fit and maintain it although you don't remember why...I do go on, humm!
oh and white roses lol

Cece said...

First off I must say I am outraged to know that you spank your children..... Just kidding. I have twin boys, so I completely understand. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm the one and only Cece that you hear so much about over at the Wild Onion and a few other places here and there, but you probably never see me about. I've seen you just about everywhere I go here in bloggerland, so I thought I would stop by and check you out. The coffee was great by the way. I love French Vanilla! I enjoyed my first visit at your place. I'm sure I'll drop in from time to time again.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

A real good series of question and answers !Both are outstanding and great..This is nice post..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

first time to your blog...wanted to say hello and love the answers you gave to these ways to get to know someone!!

Suldog said...

I think that physical correction of children is sometimes a necessity. Not often, mind you. Some parents use it as the easy way out, but some situations reach a point where it has to happen or else nothing will be learned and the bad behavior will continue to the child's detriment. I have the feeling that's how you look at it, and good for you if you do.

Dot-Com said...

Always great to learn a thing or two about a fellow blogger. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend :-)

otin said...

You have a good weekend also! I was getting sick of my old header! Thanks!

Mrsupole said...

Hi Brian,

Been suffering from a migraine, so late to read these. Love your answers, you squirrel you, now Squirrel might have a problem with you taking her squirrel away. Just kidding, I think she would be honored that you want to be a squirrel too. Do you like nuts? I have thought about what I would want to come back as and that would be a cat. You know the 9 lives and all.

My question to you is how the heck do you visit so many sites if you are in a coffee shop. You are supersiteman. I have to remember to call you this. Never say never, you will be surprised what will happen to you in the next 20 years. Africa could still be in the cards for you. Things happen and change so much. I hope you enjoy your grapes and fruit from the trees. It would be so nice to do that, step outside and grab some. Nature is wonderful. You still have time to plant a garden, although you have one growing with the two boys. A garden full of life, love, hope, joy, intelligence, inquisitiveness, and teachings growing from your nurturing. There is no better garden that anyone can enjoy than this.

And yes sometimes a spanking is called for.

Tis better to sparingly spank the buns at a young age, than to lock the keys to the cell at an older age.

Fear is a good thing to have. This is what keeps us in check. Not sure if you have ever thought of this. Fear of the consequences we will suffer controls many of the choices we make in life. See this is why I hate scarey movies.

God bless.