Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unimportant Me

I got double tapped this week. California Girl and Candie both tagged me to list 6 unimportant things about me that make me happy. It's actually a pretty daunting task, but here it goes, my list of guilty pleasures...

1. The aroma of fresh coffee wafting under my nose in the morning. It's really not important..I could quit any time I want...really.

2. When it rains on the day I am supposed to mow. I love cutting the grass...not really.

3. The only TV show I watch these days in the Unit. Guess we'll find out this month if there will be a fifth season. The way this season has gone they have built up to a major shake up with the season finale this week.

4. I love a good adventure novel. Some of my favorites are James Rollins & Matthew Reilly. While not adventure a few others are James Patterson, John Grisham (off and on) and Nicolas Sparks. Yeah, I read love stories occasionally, I said it.

5. I was once a clown. This is so unimportant, I will never mention it again. Never mentioning it again would make me very happy.

6. I could sit and watch prairie dogs for hours. Jumping, yipping while they play peek-a-boo in their warrens. My favorite part of the zoo.

Now that I have bared my soul I have to pass this along to those I would love to hear from.


These are just a few of the blogs that I enjoy to read, hope you will check them out. While at Mrspole's Place check out the post on pens of hope, we will be doing this with our boys over the next week and is a great opportunity to make a small investment that will go a long way in the lives of children overseas...something that is important, and would make me very happy.


Leah said...

Love your list. I think I did mine slightly wrong--I didn't read carefully that it was supposed to be things that made you happy...oops!

My family adores prairie dogs too. We used to go to the little zoo near where we lived just to watch them.

Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, how funny. I've never watched Prarie Dogs but will have to start. I have watched Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet though and like that.

Quit coffeeeeeeee? Yeah, I can quit any time too. I don't drink it all day long or anything like so should be EZ. Well, maybe I just lied. Thanks for the tag. Marianna tagged me today too. I will post soon.

Ronda Laveen said...

OMG, I came here first after logging and saw you had tagged me. I then went and checked my comments and say your "tag" line. After reading Leah's post, I guess I better read the rules.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Brian,
So do you think Molly is going to leave him? Do you think the wedding is a ruse? Will Sam stay alive or will they find out that he is one of the good guys and he gets saved?

So many unanswered questions and we may never find out, if it is cancelled. I hope it does not happen. I love that show and have been watching since the first one. So we share this one guilty pleasure.

Thanks for the tag, and passing the information about the pencils on to everyone. Please thank your nephew for doing this. Seems to me you are having a great influence on him, but he is part of your family so how could he not be this way.

And thank you to you and your family for doing this too.

I am sick with a cold or something and it just figures when I think I got this computer to work that I get sick. I have no fever so I do not think it is the flu, just a really bad cold and sore throat. So if no one hears from me for a few days this is why. Well gonna try and go get some sleep.

God bless and thank you.

Brian Miller said...

mrsu - so many questions...i like jonas and molly together. they complement each other well. can't stand sam. have not liked his character from the beginning. was glad when he turned bad as i figured he would be "wrapped up" by the end of the season. maybe still... i had not thought of the wedding ass a ruse, thanks now even more to think about until sunday. lol.

Candie Bracci said...

Great stuff Brian!

I love the smell of coffee too!This is just beautiful.I've never watched The Unit,is it good?

Have a nice day

P.S:see I didn't ask about the time when you were a clown :)

Marianna said...

Hmmm coffee...GOOD!!

Pens of Hope...GREAT!!

I'll be doing the Pens with my students as well :)

Have a great day Brian (and family:)

Brian Miller said...

@leah - that's ok, all in fun! prairie dogs are amazing!

@ronda - lol. yeah had to make a pit stop on the way home from work last night, we had run out the night before...i did it for my wife. ireally don't need it...really.

@mrsu - hope you feel better. strep seems to be going around...my wife and several friends have it. take care of yourself!

@candi - i think it's great. good characters and tension. it's a special forces drama with lots of action and twists. having no TV we watch it online @CBS. Think you can find older episodes on the web.

@marianna - yeah , pens of hope was a good hit from mrsu...we were talking about it last night and think it is something young kids can realte to, being in school.

willow said...

I'm glad you're not still a clown. I think they're scary.

Rob said...

Thanks for the love! I appreciate it. The clown thing needs to become a post. What up with that?

California Girl said...

your answers are so much more inventive than mine. I had a hard time with it but that;s probably part of the exercise. prairie dogs and clowns. interesting juxtaposition of images even if not in the same sentence.

Baino said...

Nice one Brian. The Unit? We haven't got that here and you're in season five? That's stamina!