Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Today

HahAHAhA! Howling like a hyena, the Joker takes the first steps to put his plan in place to unleash his laughing gas upon Gotham. Henchmen, carting canisters to trucks, freeze mid-stride as the Dark Knight emerges from the shadows. His sneer cracks as if to speak when...a four year old in blue space ship pajamas jumps through the door and yells "Not Today!"

Gloved hands dart to gasping mouths beneath the cowl...Joker snickers..."Awwww! You said not today!"

"Not today" has become taboo in our house, and for reasons you would not expect. Every time Cole plays superheroes, his hero's catch phrase is "Not Today!" First thing out of their mouth when they bust onto the scene, "Not Today!" There were whole battles where Green Lantern just kept repeating "Not Today", like his mental record kept skipping. 

Then T got in on it, starting conversations between Wonder Woman and whoever Cole had at the time about "Not Today!" Logan banned it from the house, use it and he won't play superheroes with you. Accidentally use it in conversation and you will get the gasping hand over mouth treatment, even if you are a guest or if we happen to walk past you in public. We don't even have to know you.

If you happen to be the guy from Ollie's the other day, really you don't have anything on your face or clothing that is repulsive. You can come out of the bathroom and stop inspecting yourself in the mirror. It was all about what you said..."not today."

Just for fun, we try to slip it into conversations, mainly to see the mischievous light in Cole's eyes as he gasps. I can't blame many times can you hear "not today" before it starts to give you an inability complex? Imagine the poor bad guys, never actually accomplishing anything. Today is all I am promised, if "not today" when?


Daniel said...

Messing with the minds of strangers. Nice.

Ronda Laveen said...

Whenever Cole, The PJ Space Ship Crusader, is not on duty in Miller City.

Valerie said...

Absolutely brilliant. Your blog has been listed as a 'must visit'

Leah said...

By the way happy anniversary, on the right post but the wrong day! Best to both of you.

Both these posts were wonderful.

Candie Bracci said...

Nice post,true words!

subtorp77 said...

Oh this is better than one kid repeating everything the other one says. And getting strangers in on it, to boot? HA!

Poetikat said...

I only relate to the Original Batman heroes and villains. Catwoman is my idol!

Brian, I have an award for you at "Keepsakes".


Lola said...

This is brilliant. I want my son to spend a week with your kids.


Brian Miller said...

@lola - if only the big pond was not between...sure they would have a blast.

@poetikat - thanks for the award, will pass it on tomorrow. catwoman...yeah i can see that. lol.

@ subtorp - its all great for stares and