Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hours of practice, working out the fidgety nervousness. Our young deer (yes, those are how kindergartners envision antlers) leaped across the stage and...

"Big sized Daddy Bear, Medium sized Mommy Bear and Tiny little Baby Bear..."

...opened the story of a number. Thr3e. Thr3e Bears. Thr3e Bowls. Thr3e Chairs. Thr3e Beds. Thr3e Perspectives. Even an interlude, where the play was crashed by Thr3e Little Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf. All pointing toward Thr3e.

Have we reduced the world to two dimensions? One side right, means another side is wrong. Each holding, white knuckled, to the tower they have created to support their views. This tale, a lesson wrapped in a metaphor, wrapped in a story that simple children can understand. The two extremes and a third way. One too hot, one too cold, one just right. One too big, one too small, one just right. One too hard, one too soft, one just right.

Before the curtain closes, Baby Bear comes to the rescue offering a third way where a bear and a little girl can play together. In stubbornly holding onto our two dimensions, like the pigs who built their houses of straw and stick, have we built our house on shifting sand? Have we mistakenly dismissed the opportunity for bears and girls find a place in which to play?

T and I masterminded the 3-D log cabin in the background, complete with chimney and windows. Cole wants you to know, he helped too, painting some of the wood grain. The show stealer's though were the adorable, colorful children in their casual silliness. Playing.



lettuce said...

sometimes the extreme view can be the right one though, don't you think?

Marianna said...

We got our school play coming up next week! I tell you the preparation is quite fun lol

They look so cute with their costumes on. You must have been so proud watching your son up there :)

Oh and as for the view-point you mention...that is why I keep reminding myself Shakespeare's words "nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so" :)

Have a great day Brian

Daniel said...

Thanks for the insight. I bet you took great pleasure and pride and watching your little one in the production. Have a great day.

Brian Miller said...

@lettuce - we tend to think so, and at times maybe, after looking through others eyes. always like to take counsel when i veer tot he extreme.

@marianna - look forward to some pics! was fun. there were a few i wonder if had been "pressured" to sit still b/c i have never seen them so calm. lol. nice quote.

@daniel - happy friday man! was much fun...

California Girl said...

Your son looks like you in that photo. Nice job on the stage set! btw, my son and husband are named Cole too!

The Clever Pup said...

The cabin looks great and the top picture looks very painterly. Like a Bonnard.

Ronda Laveen said...

I agree. We tend to get stuck on one position or another and can't get off of it even if a compromise is in our best interest. Loved the colorful pics!

Candie Bracci said...

Great pictures and moment I guess.Can't wait to see my son in one of these.
Have a nice weekend ;)

Lola said...

This is becoming one of my favorite blogs, Brian. And your Cole is a natural on stage.

I don't care too much for extremes, they tend to uniform to grey. But I do like it when it's just right. Ciao and have a super weekend, enjoy your kids.

Brian Miller said...

@cali - ty. yeah he is the one that looks like me, his brother got blessed with the looks. lol. coles everywhere. : )

@clever - ty

@ronda - too true. ty

@candi - have a great weekend as well. it's a great experience..hope yours comes along soon. a great welling of pride when they step to the mike.

@lola - ty. just right is always fine by me as well. lol. hope you have a great weekend as well!