Friday, May 8, 2009

Breaking Wind

When you open up the discussion, you open up the opportunity for a little zaniness. My favorite parts of training were when the participants tried to test the knowledge of the facilitator by bringing up obscure objections or stories. Like one I heard in an Interview Skills workshop I did once...

"Brian, all this is well and good but I had this one time...(always the precursor of a good story)...when this sharp dressed young man came in to interview. I took him back to the closing room and we went through introductions. Just as I was about to get into the interview questions, he tooted. The young man did not seem to notice or bring attention to it so I let it go.

A few questions later, he ripped one that made paint begin to peal off the walls. Again, he did not bring notice to it so I asked 'Are you okay?' Sheepishly, he replied he was sorry and would be okay. At this point I stepped out to get an application and a couple quick breaths. When I returned to the room it might as well have been a port-a-pottie at the county fair, the air had a green tinge. I asked him if he needed to reschedule or take some medication.

Looking a little perturbed, he responded he was fine and would like to continue. Just as I was about to speak, he let one go that would have had the late Steve Irwin screaming 'What a rippa!' I lost it. I told him to get...(colorful metaphors removed)...out of my office and never come back because I would no hire his smelly... Is their anything I should have done differently?"

Honestly, I am not sure what the corporate response should be but I wonder if the guy was asking the same question as he slunk out of the office. 

Sometimes we can be pretty careless with the environment we create. Our actions, attitudes, policies, disorganization...they all play a part in the experience of those we come in contact with and keep them from seeing the real us. You have probably heard "don't sweat the small stuff" but what if it keeps people from getting to the good stuff? Sometimes we can become so accustomed to our own stench that it takes someone with fresh eyes (or noses) to point it out. Or we can just wonder why the only ones left sitting in the room are us...and our flatus.


Poetikat said...

That was bang on! It's funny to see the word "toot" because that's the euphemism we use around here, as in "I tooted." (We like to give fair warning so that you have the opportunity to scramble). Perhaps if this fellow had done the same he might have had a shot. The Steve Irwin line was hilarious, by the way.


Books,Coffee,etc.... said...

Omg! Omg!...LOL!!! That was too funny!
Thanks, for sharing! Brian Miller,...methinks!

DeeDee ;-D

Daniel said...

A good start to my day. Thanks Brian, that was indeed a rippa.

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Btw, Brian Miller,
Happy Mother's Day to your wife, I hope that she has a good one...on Sunday!
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Brian Miller said...

lol. yeah usually will skip the flatus humor, but remembered this the other day when I was writing my "turbulence" blog and me thinking as well.

@poetikat - giving a

@books.. - thank you, and happy mothers day back to you! Hope you have a great weekend.

@daniel - lol. hope you run into someone famous today...

tony said...

I guess the poor bloke's problem was not his "Toot" (love that word) but his inability to manage the situation it put him in?

Baino said...

Crikey Brian! I agree with the point made but what an idiot to think that farting during an interview was even remotely appropriate! We're not shy of botty burps around here but warnings are a must!