Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 questions

So Baino challenged everyone with a meme, to get to know each other better. Not one to back down, and as I pretty much lay it out on here anyway, here it goes...

What is your favourite pastime/s?

First and foremost is my family. We live a pretty amazing life filled with zany adventures, which gives me plenty of material to post. I love to read and will read just about anything. I am a sucker for a good story, whether fact or fiction. Hopefully, this will translate into writing a book in the near future. Which ties into another, which is meeting people and hearing about their life. I also love the outdoors. I actually lived in the woods for a year just after college working with youth. I'll get around to telling some of that story one of these blogs. 

What about the world around you saddens you?

Great question. Seeing children harmed or neglected rips my heart. Seeing people wasting away in jobs they hate, living a life of little meaning or purpose. So much potential goes to waste. That people still go hungry or can't receive proper medical attention. The people that are ignored or cast off, such as the homeless or sick. People not being loved, saddens me. People that have lost hope.

What about the world around you delights you?

The twinkle in a child's eye right before they do something silly. Sharing stories over a great cup of coffee. Seeing people make a difference in each others lives. Watching that moment when people actually get it. Wrestling and tickle fights with my fam. People loving people loving people... Making new friends. Seeing God move in amazing ways, that we would never consider. That this is only the beginning and it only gets better.

How important is the environment to you?

We have an obligation to steward the resources we have been given, unfortunately we tend to plunder and use recklessly. I love going hiking and camping, seeing animals in their natural habitat. Every day this shrinks as more land is cleared to put in the next "big thing". I remember spending hours in the woods growing up as they were all around us. Now they have disappeared to put in houses and distribution centers. There is a great tension there between innovation and conservation. Our fam doesn't do enough, but we are trying.

If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

Creating a space for community. Maybe create a camp ground or retreat and utilize it to work with kids and students. Or where adults could retreat as well. Provide space for people to be real and get real. I guess the same could be done in a neighborhood as well. Any one want to offer the money?

So that's a little about me. No tagging anyone on this one, but if you'd like to play, I'd love to hear about you. Let me know in the comments and I'll hook you up with five questions, just for you.


Ronda Laveen said...

Geez Louise, don't you ever sleep. I will try to read your post but colors are very, very, very hard to read.

Ronda Laveen said...

Okay, I read the meme but you must "enlighten" the text. Almost can not read. Ask others for input. I will ask for 5 questions. Wonderful info here. I like answer to "What if you had a million dollars..."

Baino said...

Wonderful Brian. You raised the bar! Loved your answers and like you, I love getting to know a little more about those who visit our blogs. Couldnt agree more with all your responses. You're a decent bloke! OK Lets play! Wahey!

Baino said...

Oh I forgot to say, I love the family portrait! You're all gorgeous. Well pretty alright looking anyway.

Mrsupole said...

I cannot read them either. And with my eye hurting it is too hard. I will try to come back again to see if it is changed and easier. I am going to try and copy and paste. Will see how that works. I got the same set of questions. Will do them soon.

Love the picture of the family. Really great.

God bless.

Daniel said...

Interesting questions and thoughtful (as always) responses. Love family, care about your world, look out for others? Wait a minute, are you one of them radical types?

Rob said...

3 Questions:
1. Who'se Baino?
2. What's a meme
3. Why is your text so hard to read?

Brian Miller said...

sorry about the text...wacky blogger!

Brian Miller said...

@rob - follow the link, fellow blogger I met through Theme Thursday. meme-think 25 questions on Facebook. Text-darn blogger, where i copied and pasted the questions from bainos blog.

Dot-Com said...

Good way to get to know other bloggers - you can send on some questions, it'll make for a post later then :-)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

no problem reading the text here.

great to get to know you better. I'm such a nosy parker!

wonderful family photo.

I hope someone gives you a million bucks to spend!

Brian Miller said...

@baino...thanks for the encouragement. fun play! my wife and kids got the looks, i am satisfied with being the side dish. lol.

@ronda - questions are on you last post!

@dot-com - your are on your last post as well. look forward to it!

And for everyone else, fixed the text so should be legible now. that's what i get for pre-posting and letting the computer run the show.

Candie Bracci said...

Hi Brian
This is nice to know more about you.
Beautiful answers and picture of the family!
Have a sweet day!

Brad said...

Brian you are a pro-blogger. Love the posts!! Great picture of the family also.

tony said...

Yes,creating a Space for The Community Is a Fine Idea.The more shared spaces the better!

Mrsupole said...

Thank you for fixing the text. I love, love your answers. They were all great. Now I gotta work twice as hard because I got the same questions too.

Oh and I would say you did pretty darn well in the looks department too. Never let anyone tell you any different.

Maybe someday you will get that million dollars. I cannot remember where I was reading, but this lady was putting all her change in a jar everyday that she collected, and when the jar was full she would take it to the bank. Each time she would get about $250.00 and it only took a few months each time to fill it up. I know someone else who saved in a small sparkletts water bottle and when full got over three thousand dollars. So I am putting you on that road to a million dollars. Save every bit of change you get and open a change savings account. I joined that "Keep the Change" program at my bank to force me and hubby to save. But am now starting to save all the change we can get. Lets see if we can get to the million at the same time. But at least maybe by the time the boys start college you will have enough for them.

God bless.

Leah said...

I can't believe I missed this! Your family really is just beautiful. And your answers were so thoughtful--I hate to admit what I'd do with a million dollars...

Jingle said...

perfect and happy!
admirable photo!