Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is the tale of two Mii in the land of Wii. You can already guess the ending by the picture, but really that is only the middle, or maybe the beginning. 

Having stumbled upon each other in the Mii parade, there was something they saw different in each other. What began as a passing acquaintance, turned into a inseparable passion. Before they knew it they were doing things they never imagined outside of fairy tales and Nicolas Sparks novels. What was once about Mii, became about Wii.  The day finally arrived, they were joined and whisked away to happily ever after. 

After a while though, what was once about Wii, slowly started to drift back to Mii. What was once about discovery and freshness, became routine. It did not happen over night or with much fanfare, which is why it went unnoticed until it was nearly too late.

Marriage was never meant to be a destination, but a pursuit.

Think back to when you were "courting" the one you love...what did you do differently then, than you do now?

Sexy? Guys...we probably hit the gym or tried to make an effort toward your appearance, instead of giving into Dunlop disease. went a little farther than the T-shirt with holes in the arm pits. Guys, if she is too tired, maybe you should pick up a few things around the house like doing the dishes, to help her conserve her energy. Ladies, imagine if you only got to eat once every 30 days, would that be healthy?

Romantic? When was the last time you did something completely unexpected and romantic for the one you love? I probably should have done something really cool before writing this because now I am getting elbows. Don't have money? Pick flowers, write a note and leave it under the pillow, go for a walk. Go to a sporting event with him, and pay attention! Tell her why you love her Gaze longingly into her eyes and talk about something other than work or your physical needs.

Love, like a muscle, will atrophy for lack of use. Are you still chasing the one you love? If you were still trying to win the heart of the one you love, what would you be doing differently?


dp said...

Great post. Great ideas.

Marianna said...

I guess 'wii' are searching for true love but forget one has got to learn to love the 'Mii' in order to find his/her 'wii' :-)

I mean, eating once every 30 days=hate towards ones own take care of ourselves and then we will know how to take care of other people. But that is just my opinion :-)

Peace and love

Daniel said...

NIce thoughts Brian. Be sure to keep chasing and to keep expressing your love in fun and unique ways.

Cinnamon said...

Mmmm- just wrote a really long comment, then deleted it as too much information!
Painful subject for me- still in recovery 4 years after a failed marriage :( Fallout on the children is terrible.
But to see married friends who are working hard at their marriage and do all the things you suggest, and manage to keep the spark alive- this gives me great happiness :)

Brian Miller said...

@cinnamon...awww..would have loved to read it, but you are prob right if TMI. My heart hurts for all the friends that I have that are struggling in marriage right now.

@marianna...good wisdom in knowing yourself adn taking care of yourself. Without a healthy Mii there can not be a healthy Wii.

Leah said...

You know, I am, thankfully, still in love with my husband even after 18 years...but I have to say, this post gave me some food for thought. Thank you Brian!

Baino said...

Well I was in love but was widowed in my 30's and have honestly never found anyone quite like him. He was very good at random acts of romance. Flowers when I least expected them. But now . . .it's the single life for me! I guess I've had my first love, my true love and frankly, time's running out for my last love so he'd better get a wiggle on!

Ronda Laveen said...

Love will out the manship of the relationship.Sometimes that can brings us beyond he parameters of the overly outlined relationships.

Candie Bracci said...


I give and receive.The sparkle is still on.
I'm glad.

Mrsupole said...

The only thing I can say is "So true", but you also have to accept each other the way they are, I guess they say warts and all. Plus no one is perfect and I think that in the beginning you each think the other one is perfect and then when you find out you both are not, this is the true test of love. Is the love unconditional. That is why dogs test so well, because they love their masters unconditionally.

But I also think that a lot of times there was no love, just lust, and these are two truly different things. You always seem to be so in love and I think you are on the right road. There will be many tests in the relationship and it is how you handle them together that will determine how well you do as a couple. You can grow closer or farther apart. It is always better to grow closer. But with unconditional love you tend to do this. Plus always treat your lover the way you would want them to treat you. This is something many couples forget. Smile when that person walks into the room. Show the love you have for them in your eyes. Your eyes are the window to your soul and if they see the love, then they feel loved. Nothing you can do will be any greater.

Back to the dogs again, dogs show their love to their master and that is why people love them. I am not saying to be a dog, but I am saying never be afraid to show your love like they do. Put your love out there for all to see. Take a chance and yes you can get hurt, but if you never take a chance you will never find love or keep the love you find.

Okay, I guess I've said too much. So just saying God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Sorry if my comments are too long, but I guess I sometimes cannot stop my thoughts.

Thanks for always reading them.

PS...and you should be what I delete sometimes.

Brian Miller said... of great wisdom in your comments. should have just had you write this one for me. lol. 13 great years under the belt here, still a lot of learning to do, but we are getting there, together.

Jessie M. said...

pretty sure I'll start reading your blog!!! :)

if you wrote this brian...WOW. very insightful. i couldn't agree more.