Saturday, March 14, 2009

Top 10

Top 10 ways to know your son watches too much Sportcenter (at 4 years old):

1. When you try to throw the ball lightly so he can catch it, he tells you that you throw like a baby.

2. If you do it again, he tells you that you throw like a dead person. (where does he get this from?)

3. Every catch is a highlight, as he dives and rolls on the ground in dramatic fashion.

4. Getting hit by the ball is a badge of honor, not a reason to cry.

5. He yells "Touchdown" from the bathroom. You figure it out.

6. When you read to him, all the books have to be about sports. Maybe the Berenstein Bears should get together with Richard Scary, Little Critters and the Justice League and have a tournament.

7. He wants an agent to negotiate his chores and allowance.

8. He tries to sleep in his batting helmet. At least it is better than what some athletes sleep with.

9. "Juicing" is something he does every morning, but only apple and orange.

10. He gets assessed a 10 yard penalty for "chop blocking" his older brother on the way to the dinner table, regularly.

That's Cole. Maybe one day he will make it to the big leagues and dad will enjoy the fruits of his labor. See you next time folks.


Rob said...

Too Funny!

Daniel said...

At least keep him away from chewing tobacco. He would be spitting all over the house. Not fun I can tell you (from painful personal experience).

Dot-Com said...

How great is that! Kids sure do get competitive at a young age :-)

Brian Miller said...

life with kids just keeps getting better, and they provide me with such great stories and learnings.

subtorp77 said...

Riot! Simply a riot! #'s 5,7,9,10, especially. Glad my Pop never thought of this. We'd never have gotten any allowances :)

Megan said...

Love it. The chop-blocking penalty especially. Too hilarious - I could picture it exactly!

BluNBlond said...

awesome! :)

10 COLORADO said...

Thanks Brian for your visits!!!!

Love and roses for you and your family!!!!