Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had this dream once, that I lived in a house that was made of pull down shades. Not the fancy window dressings, but the old solid white window shades that you see in schools that just pull on and they roll up. Other than shades, it was all poles and platforms. The intriguing thing is the versatility it allowed to change the shape and function of the rooms. During the day, all the shades could be pulled up to give a great breeze and nice view of the surrounding forest.

The fear I had though was that someone would come along, at an inopportune time, and pull a shade that was an exterior wall, thus exposing whatever was going on inside the house. Maybe I was feeling guilty that day, thus exposing my faults, or maybe it was my failure at the LGN diet coming back to haunt me.

In life, the shades rarely stay down and sooner or later, what has been hidden gets exposed. The attempt at keeping them hidden, only compounds the stress when we eventually have to deal with our issues. I have found that having a group of people you trust, that will come alongside you, is essential in life. Who do you allow to see behind the curtain, in your life?


Daniel said...

Right now I would say that the only one who sees behind my shades is the most high God. Not a bad place to start and finish, but I wish I had someone to open up to here on planet Earth. Peace.

tony said...

If eyes are the windows of the Soul i wonder what Shades Are??!!!!

Brian Miller said...

Shades would be those things we use to cover our eyes, and keep out the glare of those around us. lol.