Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok, brackets are out. Arguably my favorite time of the sports year! My wife and I compete every year and believe it or not, she has won a few years. Something to do with the mascot name or color of the kills me. Took the title back from her last year though. Want to make sure I hang on to it this year, so gimme some help...

Post your Final Four, Final Two, Champion and score of the final game. Winner gets a book out of my amazing book collection. I'll tailor the prize to the winner.

Good luck all!


Mrsupole said...

I wish I could help, but I think you are talking about baseball, cause basketball is over and football is over, well I think basketball is over, well maybe not.

So just want to say good luck and all's fair in sports and betting. Although I could ask my brothers who are fanatics. Hmmm, I will think about this one. A book would be worth it.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, was just at Megan's and can see it is still basketball. All I can say is I hope USC does not win. Will check into the others. Something about USC, I have always liked UCLA better. Be back later.

Megan said...

Oooh, I'm in! Starting work on my brackets tonight, so I will be back!


Brian Miller said...

lol. this seems to be an undiscovered post with few participating, so you may have a great chance at winning. Bring it on. I have many wonderful books to give away!

Jesse said...

So honestly... I didn't read the post but I am curious, did you do you bracket? I did and the Red Wings are a cinch for the Cup.

Megan said...

You shall have them later tonight!

Carrie said...

Final Four:
Michigan St. vs Memphis
Pittsburgh vs. N. Carolina
Final Two:
Memphis vs. Pittsburgh
My family and I do this every year too. I won the first year and it was because I picked the teams the same way your wife does! Maybe I should go back to that strategy!

jake miller said...

alright, i'm in. here's the rundown...
final four - louisville, memphis, pitt, carolina
final two - louisville, carolina
champion - carolina
score - 86-81

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I love march madness...though am dreadful predicting the winners.

I watch more of the women's games than the men so I always focus on that bracket.... natural since I went to uconn! go huskies!! four days to playtime!!

Brian Miller said...

ok, we finally have some people playing!

for the record, here are mine..

Carolina, Duke, Louisville, Memphis
Carolina, Lousville
Carolina (74-68)

Its my contest, so i can't win, but can't wait!