Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heroes Everyday

The Dark Knight leaped from the Batmobile, weary from a night chasing Two-Face. Sloughing off his costume, he headed toward the refreshing touch of the shower.

"Don't leave that dirty uniform lying on the ground!", called Wonder Woman.

"That's okay, I'll get it cleaned up in a jiff, as soon as I finish cutting the grass.", Flash blurted out as he zipped through, a streak of red left in his wake.

As I sit and listen to my boys playing superheroes, I wonder...I never remember playing with them this way, capturing the moments in between the daring rescues, the mundane that even superheroes must endure. It gives me a chuckle just to listen to the dialogue, as someone uses their super strength to take out the trash.

I guess with most heroes there are thousands of moments that lead up to that one shining moment when they are needed. Or maybe it is in those thousands of mundane moments that we are the true heroes and paving the way for our sidekicks as they grow up.


Mrsupole said...

Funny, I have never thought about a superhero cleaning up their uniform. That was great.

I am sure that you are the superhero around your house. Mundane moments are great. We have them everyday. And if those sidekicks grow up to be like the hero, than you can say the hero did a great job.

God bless.

Baino said...

I just love the way kids get 'lost' in the characters they play . .shame we can't take that into adulthood. I'd deal much more happily with my mundane week if I felt like Wonder Woman . .well I'd probably score more often if I looked like Wonder Woman too!

Daniel said...

A lovely and loving thought, simple and poignant. God bless.

runmotman said...

Enjoy the kids, i miss playing with mine do they grow up fast.

Marianna said...

Now imagine ice-man..."ice-cream coming right up!"

That is a very creative way to imagine super heroes lol

Take care now
peace and love

Leah said...

What a great post. Really really. I've often thought of those thousands of prosaic moments that come before moments of heroism. Well said, Brian.

jake (to the) holla said...

hahah i love it. thats the best way to approach anything in life. with heroic style & justice

jake (to the) holla said...

oh and the process with LU is goin good, one step at a time haha. i should light a bigger fire under my butt though, to get more done than I have been haha