Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost there

Surprising who you will find in the middle of the woods, sitting by a path. I wonder were they put there just for us to discover.

"You are almost there.", they encouraged us as we met them, sitting on a bench, by the last incline before the farm.

He was retired, she a simple bus driver. Together, they were happy. They had been coming here for years, discovering new things with each trip. About the land, about life, about love.

They take more rests along the way, sitting by each others side. Each moment captured, the life wrestled out of it. They spoke to everyone they saw, or would give them the time. Watching them stare out into the valleys, I wondered what they saw with wisened eyes.

I feel there is much we could learn from those sitting by the side of the path.


Scott757 said...

Life since HS has gone by like a flash. It won't be long before that is us.

Dot-Com said...

Sitting down to just think and watch is a good exercise from time to time. Reflect.

Mrsupole said...

Yes, I was always taught to listen to my elders, little did I know that someday I would be one. Although I am not that old, except my body thinks it is with this arthritis and other things wrong. But that was a beautiful thought you have there.

Plus I am sending an invitation to you and your visitors for Friday. Hope you can all join in.
God Bless.


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