Monday, February 16, 2009


After church today, Logan, Cole and I settled on the bed to play some games on the computer. Cole snuggled up close to me and started to nod off. Being the good brother, Logan tried to keep him awake, but Cole shook him off. Soon he was resting peacefully in the crook of my arm. For the next two hours, we were at peace, he asleep and I warmed by the benefits of fatherhood. I love those moments.

I was reminded by a friend today that we are each unique, and how that makes us special. How easy it is sometimes to forget that. We easily slip into the crowd, finding comfort there, lost in the sea of faces. It keeps us from the responsibility that comes with the uniqueness.

It can be easy to look at someones life from the outside and wish our life was like theirs. Our individual successes and challenges shape us for the unique opportunities we are given. Everything we have been given, everything we have gone through, has brought us to this moment.

Take you out of the moment, it changes everything. How has your uniqueness affected the lives of people around you?


Daniel said...

When my daughter holds my hand when we cross a busy parking lot or when we fix dinner together or when we got out on our adventures about town, I know that I am unique and special. I know for certain that God has prepared me throughout my whole life for this particular role.

Brad said...

I think sometimes we mistake out insecurity for our uniqueness. Once I finally realized that I was just unique, I began to be able to really understand what God wanted for my life.