Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 5

Here are the plays of the day for first day of vacation...

1. I awoke in bed with my wife and to the sound of little feet. While this may not sound amazing, bit it is darn near a miracle in our lives.

2. Went with Cole to story time at the library this morning. The topic was animals. We sang songs, marched around the library as if we were various creatures, and played with stuffed animals. It was cute, and fun.

3. Cole gave me a Valentine..."I wrestle with you. I love you lots. Happy Valentines." Funny what is important to them.

4. Watched Nights in Rodanthe with Tara last night. It's a pretty good story with a sad ending. Good for cuddles, but not one you will walk away feeling happy. The book was better.

5. The Carolina - Duke Game...enough said


Anonymous said...

You're number 1. Wish you could see my hand.


Dot-Com said...

Sounds like a great day!