Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

At the end of the day, there will be a new NFL champion. The Super Bowl will be over, the commercials will be the rave of the Internet and one team will become a footnote. There can be only one winner.

Both teams have risen to the challenge. They have each been counted out at one point or another. "Can't beat the big teams." "Never make it passed the first round." They have battled adversity, injuries and played hurt.

One team will celebrate. They will tour the talk shows, walk in parades, visit the White House and be remembered for the season they won. T-shirts will be sold, Sports Illustrated will give away leather bound commemorative sets, and they will be the measuring rod for statistics next season.

One team will leave their hearts on the field. They will watch the celebration with a certain numbness. Plays will be remembered that could have changed the game, but did not. Film will be reviewed, players will be traded or retired and for several months people may remember they were in the game, but not for long. Second place is seldom celebrated, or remembered.

Win or lose, what you do with it, determines the identity of the true Champion.

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Brian Miller said...

Wow! What an amazing game!