Sunday, February 22, 2009


It feels rather weird to wake up this morning. It's a Sunday and I am not out the door to set up the church at the YMCA. I am not up at the crack of dawn to put up tents, check the rooms, cut the lights on and prepare for people to show up. Today, I will eat breakfast with my family and then head over to Brentwood. I am sure I will find my place to serve again, but for today, it just feels a little weird not to have anything to do, but experience it.

It feels like a fresh new canvas, I am just trying to figure out what to paint.

What do you usually do on a Sunday?


Rob said...

Sundays are all about church for me. Two services in the morning and two in the evening. Last night though I did manage to squeeze a tobymac concert into my day. It was fun.

Van Wynsberg said...

Well were glad to have you back. :) I'm sure your family is too!

Brian Miller said...

vw...It was good to be back at Bwood yesterday. Last night was a lot of fun too. A little sore this morning from climbing through all the pipes and the zip line. Story to come soon.

rob...where did you go see tobymac? Cole is really into him right now.

BluNBlond said...

I usually give a certain someone numbers. I think he would've liked the numbers yesterday! I don't have the report yet but I counted 271!

Brian Miller said...

Nice bnb! good job! Missed getting numbers from you yesterday!