Friday, February 27, 2009


On the little sleeve that wraps around my coffee cup, I found a quote:

We do not remember days, we remember moments. ~Cesar Pavese

This morning we awoke to new day. A vacation of sorts, as Logan is out of school Thursday and Friday for Teacher workdays. We started with a few chapters from the latest Junie B Jones book, a new favorite of Logan's. I think maybe it gives him permission for the adventures he finds himself in or maybe just that he is not alone in trouble.

We were sent a beach ball of the world this week. This has become a new plaything more than an educational toy, other than maybe learning how to throw the world around. The boys stand on the landing of the loft and throw it down to us, then race to see who will catch our next pitch.

Breakfast, while not meeting the strict nourishment requirements of most that keep them, was fun. We created home-made pizza last night...peperoni for Cole, Neapolitan (just cheese, no sauce) for Logan and peperoni and onion for us. The remnants were calling me this morning, so the boys joined in, just to be like Dad. They dip theirs in ranch though, much too early in the day for that, for me.

I do not know what adventures the day will hold for us, but we race headlong with abandon into the unknowing. Take time to have fun today.

What moments made up your day?


Alicia said...

...A simple uneventful walk to my car with the one I love. So minuscule yet so huge!

And being noticed by people that later tell me they saw me. I feel being noticed shows you matter, you exist, you are cared for by those people.

It really is the smallest things in life that mean the absolute most!

Anil P said...

Seeing what monks 2000 years ago created out of a rock mountain, caves for themselves, and such beautiful ones, at Ellora.

What faith, what perseverance, indeed.

Brian Miller said...

so true Alicia!

anil! that is amazing! jealous! i bet that is/was an amazing experience!

Tim said...

I yelled in my upperclassman's faces as I always do during the week and told them how much time we had until breakfast while they made me do push-ups. Somehow, I found joy in it and made several sarcastic comments to make my upperclassmen laugh. A good attitude goes a long way no matter what you are doing :)

Enjoy the day with your kids, man.

Brad said...

I am just glad to be home after an awesome trip to Texas, getting to spend time with family, attend an awesome church conference and read a great book.

Brian Miller said...

brad...what are you reading? glad you had a great time in TX.

Daniel said...

Today was early release for my little one. An afternoon of silliness and laughter and Wii. Tonight, hanging out at a good friend's house.

Cinnamon said...

You paint a lovely picture of family life- i hope you had some great adventures today!

My moment today was trying to get my head around some theories in a book I am reading 'Random Acts of Heroic Love' (fiction- Danny Scheinmann). Quantum physics. That our 'particles' remain in the universe when we die- so that we are forever a part of eternity. Or something like that! Not sure if it's a real theory or a fictional one!

Brian Miller said...

cinamon..i just checked that book out at the library. Probably start it this evening. All the more intrigued now.

dopey1 said...

oh...the beach ball of the world arrived at our house as well.has become the most prized possession of both kids at the same time, not always harmoniously. But they love it, grammaw and granddaddy made a good decision with those. Hey big brother! Hope y'all are well.

Brian Miller said...

great to see you on here sis. we have set up the schedule for the ball...ok not quite that bad after the first 48 hours.