Sunday, February 1, 2009

Six Rings

You watch your quarterback scramble. You have three defenders in your area, yet the ball comes your way. It floats for a brief moment over their outstretched arms, before landing in your hands. Falling out of bounds, your toes touch briefly. And then you get hit, not by an opponent but by your own team mates mauling you in congratulations.

My terrible towel was twisted, wrapped around my hand. I twisted it, chewed it, but did not wave it until the final play was complete and the Pittsburgh Steelers had won their record setting sixth Super Bowl. Wow! What an amazing game and culmination to some amazing stories.

Most people know Kurt Warner's story. From bag boy, to NFL Europe, to Arena Football, to the 1999 Super Bowl, to the bench and finally to the Super Bowl again. James Harrison, cut by the Steelers four times and Baltimore once, sets the record for the longest play in Super Bowl history. Arizona made an incredible comeback from being down 13 to take the lead with a little over 2 minutes to play. And of course Holmes amazing catch to clinch the game for Pittsburgh with 35 seconds left.

There were a lot of twists and turns in this game. My Inbox filled with text messages from well meaning Ravens fans, much love guys. The Brenneman's put up with my antics, and I was even thanked for "adding to the entertainment." Jordan Regas is my new favorite sports commentator..."all they have to do is score." I think he was just trying to make sure I did not have a heart attack.

Did you watch the game? Impressions? Funny stories from the party you attended? Favorite commercial?


jake (to the) holla said...

the game was INTENSE. funniest part of the party i attended would be either the sight of at least 10 of us with 3-D glasses all intently watching those few 3-D commercials.... and fave commercial is the career builders one where the Koala gets sucker-punched in the face

dp said...

congrats, I thought the Cards were going to pull it off... it was a great game.

Mom said...

Glad the Brennemans had you at their home last night. I have spent many intense moments with you under similar circumstances with you. For their sake, Dad and I are glad Pittsburgh pulled it out. Seriously, a great game and know you were a real trip to watch. Can be applied to how God sticks around as we get ourselves into holes and He pulls us out if we just keep our focus on Him.

Dot-Com said...

Can't say I watched the game, but great to read about.

Brian Miller said...

Jake...I want 3D glasses!

Mom...I would have a hard time figuring out who God might pull for...I know my emotional response...I wonder if that's what James Harrison was trying to communicate when he was punching the Cardinal

Dot-com...missed a great one. Enjoy the snow!

BluNBlond said...

Brian we are so glad you came over! It was great having you! My brother and I both want terrible towels now after seeing how many different ways you used yours. I am glad the Steelers pulled off the win! You are always welcome to watch the game here! :)