Friday, February 6, 2009

Romantic Hot Dogs

Too many times, I have heard from struggling couples that "all the romance is gone" from our relationship. We work real hard to woo our partner, get married and then life happens. Work gets busy, you come home exhausted. The kids are going crazy or maybe they just want to play, to get attention. By the time they are in bed, you are ready to call it a day as well. Your love life feels like it has been left in the fridge too long.

Romance doesn't happen if we are not intentional about it.

The online dictionary defines romance as a love afair; a relationship between two lovers. I have found that romance is about making the one you love feel special. It requires time and attention, given to someone, not our own selfish needs.

It can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. I have had a romantic lunch with my wife at a hotdog stand. Nothing says romance like a hotdog. Compliment the one you love, tell them how much you love them creatively, surprise them with gifts, get a babysitter and go on a date. Make it a point to hug daily, plan time alone together, be physically initmate more often.

Romance will die from inattention, but only if you let it.

How do you keep the romance fire burning in your relationship?


Dot-Com said...

Unfortunately not something I have to worry about these days - there is no relationship at all :-(

Rob said...

I try to show Monica that I'm thinking about her. A phone call or email in the middle of the day, turning off my cell phone at night, surprising her with a gift.

Dr. She said...

You missed an "f" in "af[f]air."

Laugh together. That's what we do to keep it all together. Pranks. Scaring each other. Doing accents and funny voices. And watching TV together, and simple as it sounds ... as long as you're touching in some way.