Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Reading the book of Psalms is like eating comfort food. You feel refreshed, like someone understands and it's going to be okay. No matter the struggle I can usually find solace there. It's amazing how, when you let it, the scriptures will read you.

I recently received The Gift of the Psalms from Thomas Nelson for review. The book is beautifully presented with a simple yet elegant cover and high quality paper. Fifty Psalms are presented with accompanying reflection by Lori Jones. Also included are three CDs, upon which thirty Psalms are dramatically performed by well known actors. Each of the tracks also includes the devotional, which I found unique.

Much like any devotional book, I found the author's reflections to be hit or miss. For some I felt like they captured the essence of the scripture well, others I was left wondering if we read the same verses.

I was initially apprehensive about listening to scripture on a CD. One friend even joked about my ability to stay awake listening to the Psalms on my way home. I began listening out of obligation, but found the performances enjoyable. Psalm 119, my favorite track on the CDs was a melody of voices, as various actors read small sections of the scripture.

As I alluded to earlier, scripture has a way of reading you just where you are. As I was driving over the last couple weeks, I have found myself going back to Psalm 42 and the devotional attached to it. My initial apprehension at having someone read the scripture was erased.

The book would make a good gift to someone about to take a new step in life, such as graduation or marriage or someone who finds themselves in the midst of one of life storms.


Daniel said...

There are many times when I am reading scripture and I stumble across a verse that speaks directly to me. I am known to say out loud, "Whoa, that is amazing!".

Dr. She said...

"It's amazing how, when you let it, the scriptures will read you." Oh, wow. That's really powerful. You're such a great writer ... poetry, prose, or devotional/journal writing. You can do it all, and very well. Impressive and inspiring.