Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Insert Your Record Here *

A-rod. Michael Phelps. Hakuroza. Santonio Holmes. Names that you probably have heard in the recent past. Ok, maybe not Hakuroza, he's a Russian sumo wrestler in Japan, oddly enough. Each of these sports figures have a few things in common. Relative fame and fortune. International attention. Drug allegations or admitted drug use.

Being in the limelight is not easy, but comes with the success and big salary. In Phelps case, he lost an endorsement with Kellogg's. Other companies he endorses have called it a non-issue. Is it an issue? Does an expectation of accountability come with the fame? Is your opinion different with performance enhancing drugs rather than recreational drugs? Is marijuana a performance enhancing drug when it comes to sumo?


Daniel said...

Maybe I'm on performance-enhancing drugs, or mind-altering drugs or something, those sumos just don't look natural.

Rob said...

Sports Heroes are no different than anyone else. They make mistakes. It stinks that they keep making this type of mistake because it makes you wonder who else is cheating.

Scott757 said...

I guess it depends on what glasses we are looking at the issue through. Is it a big enough issue that the President should have to talk about it? Or that Congress should hold hearings on it? I don't think it is. Is it a big enough issue for a private professional sports league to make rules and require testing? Maybe.

Anonymous said...

It is a painful example of how starved we are for alternative pincushions when a major media story involves an Olympic swimmer who takes a toke.

I think it is a sad statement to our society when we're fixated on minuscule matters such as these.

There are far worse travesties in this world than whether Phelps danced with Mary Jane or A-Rod became A-Roid.


Our attention spans have been shortened. That is a sad thing. That is a very sad thing.

*kicks soap box back to the CF*


Brian Miller said...

I definitely think there are more important things we could talk about. Sports are important to a lot of people. Heroes are even more important. Seeing someones "hero" make mistakes is never easy. Imagine the pressure or pride it would take to be willing to cheat (in the case of roids) to stay on top. Sick.

jake (to the) holla said...

chris brown is on-the-verge of losing his wrigley's gum endorsement, due to his recent predicament. its not sports-related, but it came to mind immediately when i thought of endorsements.