Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Asleep at the Wheel

Welcome to vacation. (The reason this blog post is not at 1 AM). It could have been, as I drove in after Community Group last night and got in pretty late. My friends in group were prepping me for the late trip, offering Red Bull and suggestions on staying awake. Holding a cold drink out in front of you was tempting, but was afraid if I fell asleep it would spill in my lap and cause me to wreck.

Cresting a hill, somewhere on 360, I stumbled into a scene from Cars. His truck, lit in running lights, played pong across the two lanes. Ten miles below the speed limit, I hung in his wake until I saw daylight and punched gas to power through the gap. Honestly, I hope the guy made it home.

It can be pretty easy to fall asleep at the wheel, in life. It can happen at work, in marriage, in relationships, church...You get into the rhythm of the road, making great progress at first. Something happens though and as you get tired, bored, monotony sets in, the rhythm never changes, your foot slowly rises from the pedal. What was once a straight trajectory, becomes a scribble across the page. If it does not change, you will eventually crash. Or end up somewhere you never intended to be.

How do you keep yourself "awake" in life?


Vince Farrell said...

I always have someone driving shotgun with me. (accountability) My wife, close friends, pastors, etc....someone who keeps me awake from driving off the cliff of sin or hitting the rail of distraction in life. I think too many crash and burn cause they try to go it alone. The XM radio may be on, but there is no one beside them listening and talking back.
(hopefully not too much analogy...ha)

Tim said...

Well, they seem to keep us awake here just running through our busy days. However, the scenery keeps me awake. I just look around and fall in love with life all over again and take nothing for granted.

Brian Miller said...

Nice, guys. I have found having someone in the shotgun seat willing to smack you when necessary, out of love of course, is vital.

Vince Farrell said...

yes so true! True friends stab you in the front. Thanks for the sub, Brian, I enjoy your blog!

Rich Grasso said...

I feel like sometimes trying to stay awake is my routine. It's nice to have that person in shotgun to tell you when it's time to pull over and take a break. Keep up the great post man.