Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zombie Attack

Austin, TX - Unsuspecting residents rose from theirs beds Thursday morning to find their town was over run by flesh rending, brain eating zombies. In an effort to stave off additional casualties, quick thinking Department of Transportation workers used portable road signs to warn rush hour commuters.

Ok, not really, but commuters did see this sign on their early morning drive earlier this month. It seems the "impenatrable security" of the sign was sliced and diced by a hacker. While endangering the safety of the motorists, this made me laugh when I first saw it. Cute.

I imagine most people ignored the sign, believing that there is no such thing as zombies. Wouldn't they have been surprised to show up at work and find a shuffling mob of undead. (Well maybe not if it was a Monday.) Note to emergency personel, don't use these signs in case of actual zombie attack. No one pays attention.


Daniel said...

I know the people involved in the hacking will probably get into some trouble, but I bet it brought some smiles and chuckles to the commuters. The hackers could have posted some cuss words or something crude, but this posting showed that they were just trying to have some good, clean, brain-eating fun.

jake (to the) holla said...

i love seeing my handiwork acknowledged around the internet

Dot-Com said...

Just shows how effective signposting is, doesn't it!?

Brian Miller said...

Jake, careful, you never know who wll read this. lol. That's why I made no mention of the stopsigns that appeared in cornfields around Botetourt 19 years ago.