Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I smell. That is the first thing I notice. When you are sick, you get that sweet smell that makes your stomach turn. That's the last thing I want. I have had enough stomach turning for the day. So I medicate up and go back to bed.

Growing up I had a couple pets. Hobo, was my dog when I was really young. I even had a stuffed animal that looked like him. I barely remember. Then there was Gizmo, a stray day. Then Spuds, our cat, who we first met when we were camping at Philpot Lake. Somehow she crawled up into the undercarriage of the van and rode home with us. My dad found her under the hood, by the engine, the next day. Crazy.

Shortly after getting married, Tara and I got Miko (cat) from one of my real estate customers. He had found her in a woodpile, where a mother cat had left her litter. While living in Florida, she was attacked by an alligator. We could not find her. Two months later, she came home with scars from the leviathan's teeth running down her legs. She is still around today and watches over the boys at night like they are her children.

It was inevitable that the boys would want pets. Enter Webkinz, stuffed animals that you interact with online. Surrogate pets that you don't have to clean up after. You do have to feed them, build them a house, groom them... The boys love to play with them and on some level I think it teaches them responsibility.

Being away from home, where we don't have Internet, the boys ask me to log on and tell them how their pets are doing. Would you believe it, the other day, when I was checking on Cole's raccoon, he was sick. This sent the boys into mild panic. If the one online was sick, then the stuffed animal was sick. So while they cared for the stuffed animal, I was charged with checking the one online and nursing him back to health.

It's a computer program! I did it though. Because they care about it and because I care about them, I care about what they care about. A few days later Ra-coon (his name, a throwback to Thundercats) was feeling better. Maybe tomorrow, I will feel better.

When we care about someone, we care about what they care about. Jesus, teach us to care about the things that delight you and the things that break your heart. Teach us to care.


Mom said...

Remember that pink medicine works wonders! Keep hydrated and plenty of rest. That is Mom's prescription. I care that you are sick and will pray that your illness will quickly pass.

Dot-Com said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Daniel said...

I can't tell you the little things that I do for Maddie (and not just say that I do) that really mean the world to her. I am thrilled and grateful to be needed by her for the big things and the little ones too. Feel better my friend.

Dad said...

I care about a lot of things each day. I care about the same little boys you care about and I care about all the little ones, boys and girls that are so much a part of my life and my family.
I also care about the fact that Duke just got beat by Wake Forest. I care about you and your current illness. That's why I mentioned that Duke just got beat by Wake Forest. I can not say that enough. "Duke just got beat by Wake Forest". Sounds good HUH. I figured it should make you feel better to know "DUKE JUST GOT BEAT BY THE DEACONS".

Brian Miller said...

haha. Yeah that was pretty sweet, but then UNC almost lost to FSU. Feeling better today. Probably around 80%.