Sunday, January 11, 2009


The seas raged around us. Cold wind cut through our clothes and brought stinging tears to our eyes. We held to the rigging, knowing if we fell in, we were doomed. Determined, we pressed on in search of the treasure. Nothing would get in our way.

Leaping from the safety of our ship, we landed on the planking, skittering quickly so as not to lose our balance. At the end of the dock, we traverse the obstacles and slid quietly past the building. Nearing the corner, we spied our quarry, the golden ball.

"Arggghh!", our pirate band screamed, rushing from cover with our swords drawn. Finally, the ball resting in our hands, we danced our pirate jig in celebration...until someone kicked the golden ball over the fence of the playground.

No one really cared, because now we had to sneak back passed the teachers perched on the bench to get to our ship. Off on another adventure...

I got to hang out with Logan's class on Friday. It's fun being a kid, even at 35. Stay young. Live adventurously.


jake (to the) holla said...

life motto, right there ("stay young, live adventurously")

also, ninjas > pirates (couldn't resist showing allegiance haha)

Anonymous said...

You weren't Cap'n Fancy Pants again where ya? I always told you that name wouldn't stick.


Brian Miller said...

This is my cousin, whom I love dearly for his insightful and witty comments. lol. I prefer to go by "Skunkbeard" these days.

Daniel said...

Follow your adventures wherever they may lead you, just don't let life's parrots poop on your shoulder.

Dot-Com said...

Always remain in touch with that inner child :-)