Monday, January 5, 2009

Pearl Jam Diaries: Daughter

Alone...listless....breakfast table in an otherwise empty room
~Pearl Jam, Daughter

Over the holidays I was slapped with a very harsh reality, when talking with several friends that are faced with divorce. Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing wife for the last 12 years and God willing, until the day I die. Unfortunately, this does not insulate me from seeing kids, friends and hearts left in the wake of it's devastation. The sound of my heart breaking is deafening.

What causes two people that were madly in love, that have lived together, that have born children, to walk away. What make you feel alone when you are with the one you love, retreating to your own room to block out the noise that has become your relationship. That drives you to the arms of another to drive away the listlessness that has become your life. When did the excitement of new love, begin to tarnish like so much brass. When did a room that one held a family become so empty.

I have not been there. I do not know. It does not insulate me from the devastation. How do you make the pain stop.

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carbaby said...

Whoa Brian playing the "deep" card what are we in Blog Sweeps...crying only works on Grey's Anatomy..hha j/k good blog