Sunday, January 4, 2009


At any moment now I expect Greenpeace or other mar time conservation commandos to raid my house...

"Mom, there has been an accident, but I ran to the bathroom and washed the dolphin off." This is one of those things you don't expect to hear when you are sitting at the breakfast table enjoying your bacon and eggs. Especially considering we are located in Lynchburg, hours from any aquatic domain.

We found said dolphin, having bled out, on the bathroom counter. It's insides consisting of numerous white pellets, which I am sure are environmentally friendly, not.

Question One: How do they fit that many pellets into such a small piece of rubber? They had accumulated in small pools of water, all over the bathroom. It seems this was caused by my sons attempts to "wash the dolphin."

Question Two: What happened to his flipper? It's behind the trash can, of course. But if you are referring to how it was extracted from his body, everyone was pulling in different directions, something had to give. You get the picture.

I guess there goes our attempts at being an eco-friendly household.

The moral of this sad tale my dear friends; when you feel pulled in many directions, somethings going to give and when you try to just "clean it up" you will be left with a mess.

Public Service Message: No real dolphins were harmed in the creation of this blog.


Daniel said...

Your message is relevant on so many levels. I feel that I need an aspirin now as my head is left spinning.

mikedominice said...


Mike Justice said...

Amazing how a blurb about a dolphin toy can relate so much to my life. This is the second time this morning God has answered a question of mine about this very subject (um, the being pulled in too many directions part, not the dolphin. I don't have any dolphins as of yet), and both this morning.

Thanks for being a vessel bro.

Mike J