Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baseball Socks

Without baseball, the world axis would tilt. Animals would bark and howl constantly. Citgo signs and subway trains would quit running. All sunrises and sunsets would be gray. Without baseball, all that we love might never be the same. ~Marty Schupak

To be good, you’ve got to have a lot of little boy in you. ~Roy Campanella, Brooklyn Dodgers

Spring is coming. The crack of the bat. The smell of fresh leather. Sitting by third base, seeing how big a mound of peanut shells you can amass. Making a fool out of yourself in the bat spin game between innings, just to win a prize. The slap of the ball as it hits the catchers glove. Baseball.

Cole is ready. The boys each got $10 for Christmas as a gift from a family member. Logan got superheroes. Cole got baseball socks. He wore them around all day on Friday, his sweatpants hiked up to his knees to show off the stripes. To school to have lunch with Logan, to the store and ultimately to bed. His tribute to the hope that is Spring, and baseball.

In Spring, everything is new. The slumbering death of winter is washed in new life. In baseball, there is hope, new dreams with a new season. If your team lost 80 games last year, that is forgotten, with opportunity to rise anew. Spring is coming.

And so it is in life.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. ~1 Peter 5: 10


Daniel said...

In my day, baseball socks were a two-piece deal on each foot. First the regular knee sock, followed by the stirrup-type thingie. Whatever happened to tradition? What about the eye-black, the batting glove that we wore to look cool, the shaping of the brims? Now that's your hope right there.

Brian Miller said...

I think the two piece socks left when they took th spittoons out of the digouts. i agree i love tradition when it comes to sports.

Rich Grasso said...

I remember my first baseball game. It was about two years ago. Richmond Braves vs. the Norfolk Tides, in Norfolk. Needless to say the Braves won! But it was great. I felt like a little kid. I went home with a fume finger, penent, and a belly full of hotdogs and peanuts. Good Times.

Brian Miller said...

man, can't spell tonight, lol.