Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's on your tombstone?

I imagine we have all been touched by death in some way. Maybe it was a parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend. It's funny, some of the memories I have associated with death. For one grandfather, I remember being sent across the street, and eating King Vitamin cereal. For my other grandfather, I remember the fire engines and the way he was honored by the fire department.

Really these have to do with the incident of death, and not the life that was lived prior. The memories we have of the life that was lived, form the stories we share about our loved ones and friends.

What is it that you want people to remember about you?


Rob said...

That I loved God, my wife, family and friends well.

Kim said...

That I loved the lord and lifed out my life to honor my mother and father the best i can.

Daniel said...

That I refused to bow down to the broccoli king!

pastorg said...

That I was a man of integrity that loved to serve the Lord and that my life here on earth impacted many other lives to the glory of God.