Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Trashman Cometh

Today was Christmas in Roanoke, our last stop before heading home from the Holiday tour. Waking early, we unwrapped our gifts and bagged all the boxes and wrapping paper to make room for our play. Eventually the men were sent, in true Mesolithic fashion, to spear dinner at the local Heavenly Ham.

Having secured our bounty, we returned home to find a wrapping paper explosion had devastated the front porch. Wading through ankle deep debris, we discovered the ladies had nary a clue. (Initial observations: a. I was just glad it did not happen on my watch, as it usually does and b. who is going to pick this up?)

Two little boys, with grins as wide as watermelons, unearthed themselves from the refuse. Seeing our faces aghast, they explained, "We were just playing trash man." Cole and his cousin, Sean, having arrived at the "landfill" were spreading their layer of trash.

As parents, we find ourselves faced with these moments, when we question the genetic anomalies that came together to form these beings called our kids and neurons that produce the choices that they make. Earlier in life, I probably would have recommended evisceration or at least solitary confinement, but realise now that these are opportunities for unstructured fun and learning.

As we played "trash man" in reverse, picking up the mess, they got a kick out the crushing noises I made compacting the colorful paper and cardboard. One man's trash is another man's treasured moment.


Rob said...

That's fun. Did you get your carolina book?

Daniel said...

I seem to always have trouble holding my cool when my little one tries to engage in "unstructured play". All I can see are the messes made or the stains left behind. I wish I could loosen up sometimes and just go with the flow.

roughruby said...

I'm surprised you didn't jump in with them. I love those moments.

jake (to the) holla said...

it's a shame bubble wrap wasn't involved.... that stuff makes everything more fun

BluNBlond said...

fun! I hope they remember that!

Margie said...

I heart your family!