Sunday, December 21, 2008


If you have ever needed them, you are glad they are there. If you have not needed them, you may not give them much thought, at least not since you sat in their truck and dreamed of being one of them. Saturday we had the honor of climbing aboard a Bedford County fire engine and hanging out with team 547. The boys had a blast as they were allowed to climb all over the truck, dreaming of rescuing hapless victims.

Sometimes, we can take for granted those that wait to rescue us in our hour of need. At least until the flames are too high for us to handle. Then in our moment of desperation, we scream! Our faith makes immeasurable leaps, or collapses under weighty expectation. Too late, by our standards, is still plenty of time by His. Rescue is coming, Rescue is here.


Daniel said...

You speak the truth my friend. I can fully attest to it as I have lived it fully. There was a time when I thought I was too lost to be saved, too tarnished, too life weary. God then stepped into my "impossible" situation and showed me the light and righted the sinking ship. A humbling and
glorifying situation to go through with him. His ways are not our ways, our "impossibles" are his "can-o-corns".

Margie said...

And I love those sweet faces!

Margie :)