Thursday, December 25, 2008

Out with the Pork, In with the Moo

This is the first year, since being married (12 years), that we have celebrated Christmas in our own home. It has been quite refreshing not to have to carry around presents from every stop across multiple states, adding cargo carriers along the way. It has also been nice to begin some of our own holiday traditions. What better way to start than with the food...

While most of us gorge ourselves on the fatted pig this time of year, and we will as we begin visiting family over the next week, this evening we went islander again with steak and key lime pie. We fell in love with key lime pie, after living in Florida for several years, with a lime tree in the backyard. On Saturdays we would pick a large bowl of the tart fruit and make fresh key lime pie. Tara also put together a Raspberry Spinach salad, that was amazing.

What are some of the traditions around your house on Christmas Day?


Daniel said...

Those photos are causing me to drool on my keyboard. Somebody get me a wetnap. I really have not developed any strong traditions for Christmas over the years, I guess that I am pretty traditional. The usual,
tree, decorations, food, presents. Still, while it sounds humdrum, it is actually been pretty good.

roughruby said...

We enjoy taking communion together Christmas Eve. Then we have a birthday party for Jesus.