Sunday, December 28, 2008

Love in the Fast Lane

I took time to slip away for some special "Dad time" with each of the boys today. This morning, Logan and I skulked the local comic shops. before hitting Target for the $1.50 popcorn/drink special. Can you say "nutritious lunch?"

This afternoon, Cole and I visited Bristol Motor Speedway. We started by messing around in the museum, but that wasn't enough...upon closer inspection, one of the gates were slightly ajar. (Cue the Mission:Impossible theme song) We slipped through and had the track to ourselves as we checked things out. Cole wanted to sneak the van onto the track, but figured it best that we not spend more time together in the local police station.

The boys had a great day, that is what is important. About a year and a half ago we started doing weekly mom and/or dad dates with the boys. It is a great time to connect with your kid, you will be surprised what they are thinking about, and the conversations that happen, even at four and six. What keeps you from dedicating special time with your family?


jake (to the) holla said...

that sounds like an awesome day.... i would definitely have taken advantage of that slightly-ajar door too haha. snag any comics while browsing the shops?

Brian Miller said...

Checked out the most recent Batman comics. Interested to see where they go post Bruce Wayne. Logan likes the Super Friends comic and he checks out the figures and Heroclix.

jake (to the) holla said...

yesss... I'm very intrigued about who will take up the cape & cowl now that Bruce Wayne is on the outs. and those hero-clix things are rather cool. i love the marvel mini-mates figurines.

Jingle said...

There is absolutely No doubt that, you are a perfect father to your son,
Cole resembles you.

when I first see your signature from other people's blog, some respect and admiration were born instantly, why? you carry your son with you with that picture, which shows that you are honest, married, and a family man.

I like man who value one's family.
I will see you tomorrow.
take care.


Margie said...

Your boys are blessed to have such a wonderful dad!
Oh, my son is in college and he's a great baseball player.
Have a wonderful time at U2, love them!

Margie ":)