Monday, December 29, 2008

Incredible Hulk - Blog # 100

The lilting tones of the piano as you watch him hitchhiking into the horizon. Hoping someone will give him a ride, yet hoping they will not make him angry…you won’t like him when he is angry. What is he is running from? What is he running to?

Watching David Banner search for the cure for the gamma irradiated monster inside was a weekly staple in elementary school. (Yes, He was David, not Bruce in the TV series) Watching The Incredible Hulk, special affects have come a long way since the green dyed Lou Ferrigno, too bad the same can not be said for the monster inside.

It seems many of us journey through life, like Bruce, trying to suppress the monster within. Our monster comes in many shapes and sizes, not just Hulk-like anger. Self hate, low self esteem, eating disorders, over spending…they are numerous, but we tend to follow his example in managing our Hulk.

Believing it will never really go away we try to control it, harness the monster, choke him back into his cell inside. Other times we try avoidance and isolation, staying out of situations that might bring the monster to the surface. We keep to ourselves, never really letting anyone get close, fearing that the monster may break free and hurt them, or that they will play our “General Ross” and expose our secrets.

These really don’t seem to work, all it takes is just the right trigger to unleash our inner demons. So how do we deal with them?


Daniel said...

I have beasts inside of me that come in many different colors, not just Hulk-ish green. Their grip on me can be lessened when I allow myself to open up to people, to share feelings and problems, hopes, hurts, and dreams. It does take some bravery at times to open up to others. You may look foolish, or weird, or petty, or you may just find, normal.

jake (to the) holla said...

in many cases, we can channel these demons in terms of helping others who may deal with the same issues.... since we have legit personal experience, and can be taken for our word. i can't really reach out to someone who's dealing with drug problems as well as someone who's dealt with that and conquered it... but i can really connect with people who deal with self-esteem problems, or some relationship problems

its not as cool as unleashing a jade giant to Hulk-SMASH something.... but it's still very fulfilling

Rich Grasso said...

I try to make them positive traits. For example, I am inately a negative person. What I have learned is after viewing everything from the perspective it will fall a part, only then I can see how to fix it. I believe that if we all believed everything will be great all the time, then we are never prepared for the bad. So it's all how you use your monsters for good and not evil, rather than trying to kill them.

Al said...

Great post. I'm sure everyone on the planet feels this way; we just don't all talk about it.