Friday, December 19, 2008

Here's yur sign

Sometimes, we can say some pretty stupid things, that I don't think we mean. At least not in the context in which it is received. That's the problem with communication, it's like dancing, it takes two to tango. When you say something you are dependant on the other person to interpret what you said. That can get pretty scary.

Listening to the radio while I was on the road last night, I heard a guy telling the story of his greatest mistake. He was at a party with his wife and her friend, Julie. When another friend came up, he introduced himself and "his wife Julie, and her friend..." His claim is that he will never live this down, I would agree.

In his wife's head now there are questions swirling about...does he think Julie is prettier than I? Does he not love me? It may have been Innocent and he probably broke out in hives the second he realised what he said. Maybe this is an over exageration, but the point is, if we are careless with our words, we can do a lot of damage, raise a lot of questions or even bring encouragement and new life.

Took this pic in Williamsburg last week...Here's your sign!


Rob said...

I get called dad every once in a while by one of the students. Those type of slip ups make me laugh.

Daniel said...

I have way (way way way ...) too many examples of saying the wrong thing or saying something innocent and having it interpreted as sinister.
If I could only learn from the past I would not be doomed to continue to repeat my mistakes. My tongue, you are evil. If it weren't for your taste buds, out you'd go!

Brian Miller said...

Too bad you are not a butterfly, as their taste buds are on their feet, which could get really disgusting.

Jingle said...

everyone does silly things or say things that may not fit at times,
as long as they did not do it intentionally, it is forgivable!
thank you for the fun topic!

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Anonymous said...

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Fran said...

I totally did that once, with my boyfriend's best friend. I introduced his friend to my friend like this: "This is my boyfriend, Chris." But Chris wasn't my boyfriend; Lance was. I turned 18 shades of pink, for sure. But the truth was, I did have a crush on Chris. And I guess that was how I let him know it, 'cause he turned just as red as I did. :P