Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dragons and Vinegar

Betcha won't. Words that awaken something deep with in the male psyche. Usually followed by something that should be on America's Funniest Home Videos or results in a hospital visit.

Yesterday, We spent the day at the Ferguson Center preparing for the Christmas Eve extravaganza. It's going to be amazing! A peaceful lunch was interrupted when Rob threw down the gauntlet. What was worse, there were people in the room. The choice, laugh it off and walk away or prove my manhood.

Why is it we feel like we always have something to prove? That we are strong enough, smart enough, that we have what it takes. It never seems to end, as it infects us at work, at home and even in our play. My cousin used the phrase "chasing the dragon."

We have this inner need to be the Hero of the Day, questing to prove our very existence and sense of self worth. Maybe even doing things we would never do otherwise. You only have to go so far as the daily headlines to read about ruthless decisions made by CEOs to make sure their company remains in the uber elite. Lets face it, we do the same in our everyday ordinary life as we try to earn the love of our family, achieve greatness in our chosen field or even bargain for the love of our God. It hardly results in filling the void of that which we really long for.

How could we accept such simple love that was given many years ago in a little town called Bethlehem? That years later, in a second and greatest act of love, would die to slay the dragon. Receiving it can be hard, because it means we have to lay down our armament and let Jesus become the hero we long to be. There is no dragon to slay except our foolish pride.

On a side note, if you drink a whole ramekin of Subway vinegar everything tastes Italian for the rest of the day. Thanks Rob, I really need to brush me teeth.


-Brian said...

haha that's awesome

jake (to the) holla said...

sigh.. ohhh the countless times i've given in to that inner need. either way, whatever the outcome... i'm a sucker for anything that could result in a great story to laugh at down the road

case in point, jumping off the hood of a moving car & breaking your leg = great story now

roughruby said...

For the females, it's not an issue of being the hero but being good enough for the hero to love. Are we pretty enough, talented enough, or perfect enough. Since so much of the world around us also projects that ideal, we have a difficult time believing we can be good enough for a man to truly love let alone our amazing God.

Anonymous said...

Vinegar... *shakes head*.

There is no way we can be from the same bloodline.


Rob said...

You forgot to say you got five bucks out of the deal. :)

Brian Miller said...

ok, I got $5, but left it out trying to protect Rob.

Brian Miller said...

Jake, great meeting you (in person) tonight. I look forward to reading the blog post on that story. I was on crutches for over a month after trying to jump a car in a game of HORSE.

Brian Miller said...

Amy, very true. Thanks for the thoughts.

jake (to the) holla said...

haha yes, twas great meeting you (in person) as well. i dunno, though... your HORSE story sounds like it would be better than my car-surfing story