Sunday, November 16, 2008

The worst in me

Try as I might to change, there is this part of my heart that is filled with malice. Maybe malice is not the right word...but everytime the Duke Blue Devils lose a game, I get intense feelings of joy. I have been known to break out into spontaneous dancing (in public places), which is scary.

It's that time of year again. College basketball. When my revered Tarheels, once again make the run towards March Madness. This will be accompanied by late night harassing phone calls, jibing emails and probably ruin the holidays for family and friends, when my cousin Mike and I start going at it.

Maybe one day I will let it go, but until then "Go Heels!" Are you with me?


Cabo said...


Learn to love it!

I love you, Cousin. *grins*

Rob said...

Brian I had no idea you were a Tar Heel fan. Interesting.

jake said...

dude... i'm loving the fact that you're a tar heel. as a lifelong die-hard fan myself, i see some good conversations between us in the future. and yeah... duke sucks.

Brian Miller said...

I look forward to it. Rumor has it I may be going to the Feb. 11 showdown in Durham.