Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weird Science

There is nothing like the howling screams of your 4 year old to rouse you from a Sunday afternoon nap. The boys had been playing in the backyard. According to Logan they were doing a science project. He always has the most amazing explanations.

Cole is writhing in pain on the floor, crippled, unable to walk, because he seems to have half a tree stuck through his foot. Ok, it was a splinter, a rather big splinter. When Tara and my father tried to remove it, he thrashed like the girl from the Exorcist and pummeled them into submission. Yet another trip to the ER...

Which I find hard to believe considering I spent hours convincing my dad I broke my thumb playing baseball, and was finally taken to the hospital when I offered to forfeit my allowance until the bill was paid, if it was not broke. What changes when you become a grandparent...oh yeah, not their insurance any more. For the record, it was broke, but I digress.

Upon arriving at the ER, Cole is the perfect child, calm, waiting patiently for the doctor (Imagine elevator music in the background) until...the scalpel comes out...(the record skips and now you hear Quiet Riot). In the Miller tradition of "if you are going to do it, might as well do it with excess", the doctors proceed to pull a 2 inch splinter out of the middle of my sons foot. He is only four...where is all the wood coming from.

The good news they did not have to amputate and he is home safe and sound. I am still wondering though how this all ties into a science project?


Daniel said...

Perhaps he was trying to confound you with quadratic inponderables?

dp said...

How do you get a 2 inch sliver? That's insane.

mom said...

Dad is a softy where the grands are concerned. Enjoyed your phone call.