Saturday, November 15, 2008

Walk of Shame

I watched her cross the last few yards of the field, as I made the turn onto the drive leading out of the neighborhood. I paused to let her cross, an uncomfortable smile brushes her lips. Yesterdays clothes, slightly akimbo, wrinkled from where they were discarded thoughtlessly. Make up smeared, blurry like a picture out of focus. Hair a nest.

Head down, she moves quickly now, for the safety of her home, behind closed doors. Her penance complete, her walk of shame.

Where has she been? What has she done?

Is she searching to fill the painful void, ever present with each heart beat? Acceptance found ever so briefly, in the coupling with strangers?

Is she trying to feel again? To break the scar tissue built up by broken relationships and broken dreams? To hide the ugliness she sees every time she passes by the mirror?

No stones to cast, the spell is broken, I have to get to work. Compassion fills my heart, for I too have walked the walk, in search of forgiveness, love, acceptance, and truth.

At the end of your rope, do you find a hangman's noose or a Savior's arms?

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Daniel said...

There was an all girl college near mine called Russell Sage. The girls there were called "Sagies". The joke was "What is the first thing a Sagie does when she wakes up in the morning?". She goes home. This humor always made me a bit uneasy, but I never really thought much about why. Your words kind of fill in the blanks a bit. Good post.