Sunday, November 9, 2008

Taking the Hit

Do you remember the first fight you were ever in? Fourth grade, bathroom break. I was so excited because I dodged the first two swings. So excited, I forgot to go on the offense. And then the third swing came. At that point I gave a thorough inspection of the bathroom floor, which was amazingly clean for an elementary school.

Disclaimer: You may want to send the kids out of the room at this point. Rated PG for "slap"stick humor.

Well, the real Santa was not injured, he was probably too busy laughing at the stunt double. Recognize those eyes. Yeah, that's me getting my dental work rearranged. The funnier part, in a sick kind of way, is we had to re shoot the "slap shot" about 8 times. I think it was part of my initiation into WEC's staff. So be at the Christmas Eve service, so my pain is not in vain.


Rob said...

That was a fun video shoot.

Anonymous said...

I think Santa needed slapping around a little more.

ronnie miller said...

The last anonymus was me, Dad