Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snot Monster's Revenge

"Forgive and forget", even the phrase can make me angry. It seems so passive. Honestly it seems like the person is getting away with wronging me. It says, "I don't mind. It did not matter." But I did mind and it does matter. Where is the justice?

They wronged me and I am supposed to just swallow it, not say anything, pack it away in a box and When I see them the next time, I smile, pretend like I love them, maybe even share a laugh. The whole time inside, I am dying.

Bitterness becomes a cruel master, lashing your heart with tendrils of anger.

To relieve the tension, we share it with others. "Can you believe what he did to me?" "Watch out for...he will stab you in the back." Oh, it gets much worse, but we feel a small release. Soon enough it will be right back, like this stinking cold.

If it did not mind and did not matter, there would be nothing to forgive.

To borrow a phrase from Desmond Tutu, "There is no freedom without forgiveness."


Daniel said...

A procedure to help forgive is to write down on a piece of paper specifically what you would like to forgive. Make a carefully considered list. Then pray over each item and release it to God. As you release it, cross it off the list. When the entire list is dealt with in this manner, burn the list. If you find that certain things come back and you are struggling with an old item, repeat the procedure. Also, do not let the item eat at you. When you recognize that it is surfacing, tell yourself that you have already given it to God and he has taken it from us. I have much on this topic to say, but I am space limited.

Brian Miller said...

Thats ok Daniel, thats why you can post multiple comments. I encourage it as I would love to hear. I will hold further comment until after the last post hits later this morning.