Monday, November 3, 2008

The Salesman

Sometimes, life finds us in the most unexpected places. Building a new building, there are a lot of behind the scenes details that have to be resolved; trash disposal, security, pest control, etc. This requires meetings with sales persons. I used to be one, so I know they can be pretty interesting, but one I had today, was divinely appointed.

For the first few minutes of the sales call we discussed our families. He was married, his wife died last year. His son is struggling to find his way and making poor decisions. He lost both his parents in the same year. We moved onto the services that the company had to offer. There came a point though when he stopped and looked up at me and asked, "What is faith?"

To further expand on this as our conversation progressed...was my life preordained? Did God plan the pain, the trials? What does this say about His love for me? I could tell it was a personal question, and not one that just needed an academic response. It was an amazing conversation that left me humbled.

You tell me, dear readers, what is faith?


Daniel said...

Awesome question that I'm sure has lots of answers. Faith for me is still believing and seeking even after your life has (seemingly) been destroyed (an experience that I know way too much about I'm afraid).

Brad said...

faith is believing in something you can't see but still know it is there. I once heard a quote that I would rather go through life having faith in God and die and find out that there is not rather than living my life without the faith and dying and finding out there is. Something like that.