Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ring Master

He had tried before and failed. The last time we were here, he found himself hanging on for dear life, all momentum gone, facing the inevitable plunge into the mulch. Today was a new day.

Logan began talking about it on Thursday, "Dad, I can do it now!" Unsure what "it" was, as "it" was to be a surprise when I had lunch at Logan's school. "Can't wait buddy", it came out muffled from the writhing mass of wrestling boys.

Logan stood on the precipice, all the was required was to let his body swing out while reaching forward. The next ring is not so far away, much closer than the ground. Hands grasping, reaching, grasping, reaching.

A month ago he could not, but now he can. He is master of the rings. His smile is wide as he shows off his new skill to his dad, who could not be more proud. As much for all the times he failed and did not give up, as the one he finally succeeded.

When was the last time you accomplished something you previously thought impossible?

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ronnie miller said...

Go Logan, Grandaddy is so proud of you.
Long Long ago in a land far far away that not longer exist (Travel Towne Swim Club". Grandaddy was called "Lord of The Rings".
May the force live on. "to Infinity and Beyond".