Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Port-a-Potty Porters

Before I left to come home today, there was one more job to be done. It seems the Port-a-Potties from our volunteer event never made it back to their rightful place. They could not be picked up today, so Rob, Bill and I went to remove them from the park.

Our volunteer event was a month ago, so you can imagine the amount of accumulation and fermentation that has happened. It smelled so bad I could taste it. At one point I gagged, amidst the laughter. As I was driving back to Lynchburg tonight, Rob called to tell me he could still smell the aroma hours later, admittedly I could as well.

Carrying other peoples "stuff" is a pretty nasty job. I have higher regard for sanitation engineers now. The truth is though, we are called to do it. To listen. To encourage. To pray. To carry each others "stuff".

Its not always easy to allow others to carry "your" stuff, we have an image to protect. On the other hand, its not always easy to carry other peoples "stuff" either. I was greatly encouraged by the response to the previous post. The prayers. The encouraging comments, on here and Facebook. Thanks for carrying my "stuff".

Cole is sleeping, somewhat restful and we look with anticipation toward what tomorrow may bring.

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jake (to the) holla said...

I couldn't agree more.... all the time spent helping with my youth group, leading small groups, hanging out with these kids.... the "stuff" tends to pile up from all the crud they deal with on a daily basis.... but yet it's such a blessing to play a part in helping them keep their chin up & focused on what God has in store.

in the same light, I know God will bless you & your family during this rough patch... I'll be praying that any stress/worry will be brushed away, and that God's healing hand is definitely upon your son